Cotton or Alamo/Holiday?

Pending wins by the favored teams let’s start with the teams that will be in the NY6 for sure.(#'s are not for rank but a count to 12 for 12 NY6 spots.
1Ohio st(CFP)
8Big 10 Rose Bowl team(Wisconsin or Penn st)
9ACC Orange bowl team (Virginia)
10G5 Cotton Bowl team (Memphis/Boise/Cincy)

That leaves 2 spots for
Wisconsin or Penn st

13 was Oregon’s previous ranking, I cant see us falling past that spot.

Rank ordering does not matter. The bowls get their “choice” of eligible teams left after the CFP and Rose Bowls have done their selections. I assure you that USC is a better or preferred choice over Utah.

Vegas Bowl mo betta. We can probably win over Boise St.

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Holiday Bowl, after USC selected for Alamo Bowl

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Unless the matchup is against a 3rd place BIg 12 or ACC team, I think it’s a loss for Utah. PAC 12 confirmed itself as Junior P5 last night.

How does one PAC12 team beating another PAC12 team provide us with any evidence regarding any other conference?

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Oh man, the Vegas Bowl would be the cherry on top for this year. That would actually be pretty funny. I almost welcome it.

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It’s mathematically impossible for Utah to fall below the Holiday bowl in the pecking order.

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We lost to both Oregon and USC. We are not as good as those teams. Then look at their OCC games. Oregon lost to Auburn. USC lost to BYU and ND. So we are somewhere between USC and BYU. BYU is unranked. USC was ranked 22nd.

We’d probably match up well against an Oklahoma St or a Wake Forest. We would not matchup well against a Michigan or Minnesota. Maybe Indiana would be a good B1G match for Utah.

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I bet we end up in the Holiday Bowl again. Then again, with SDs proximity to LA, it would make a lot of sense for SC to go there.

Who knows.


You fail to understand that it’s not done on rank order. It’s done by choice from remaining eligible teams. They typically base that on TV viewership of the respective teams and secondarily, fan attendance. Utah will lose most every time against a legacy PAC 12 program, which means UW could be selected over Utah.

Utah was 8-1 in the pac
USC was 7-2
everybody else was 4-5 or worse.
Oregon is in the Rose automatically.
Utah and USC are with in one game of each other so either one could be picked before the other. No other team is within 1 game of Utah or USC so by rule the Alamo has to choose between Utah and USC and the Holiday is left with the other as the only option.
Don’t lecture me about rules you don’t even know.
Cotton, Alamo, or Holiday are the only possible bowl destinations for Utah.


For whatever reason, he’s been pushing that Vegas Bowl thing all day. I don’t know why.

What are the chances we end up in the Cotton?

Calculating the odds is a mind reading exercise involving the whims of a 13 member committee.

Dude your pannies are in a wad. You need to read the Bowl selection rules pertaining to the PAC 12. Selection is not based on rank order, it’s based on choice from remaining eligible teams. Prove me wrong. By now I realize that reading comprehension is a serious issue for you.

Alamo has already said they are considering USC, yet Utah ranked higher. So I won round 1.

Have not. Said it once in jest. Grow up.

You already went the Zoob route. Pretty tough to dig yourself out from that.

Alamo Bowl vs Kansas State. Excited!?

Reading through all of the comments, I’m still not sure if there’s a consensus. Is there any shot of Utah getting a New Years Six bowl game? I want to believe, but it appears that most of you don’t think the Utes will be chosen.