Conference Championship Secondary Market Tix Prices and Stadium size

It’s kind of weird to see who has the cheapest tix on StubHub. Also, are conference title games losing their luster? From lowest to highest:
American Title SMU vs Tulane- $11 (30,000 seat stadium)
Pac 12 Title Oregon vs Wahsington- $15 (65,000 seat stadium)
CUSA Title NMSU vs Liberty- $25 (25,000 seat stadium)
ACC Title Louisville vs FSU- $34 (74,867 seat stadium)
Big 1G Title Michigan vs Iowa- $37 (70,000 seat stadium)
Big 12 Title Ok State vs Texas- $49 (80,000 seat stadium)
SEC Title Georgia vs Alabama- $339 (71,000 seat stadium)

The way conference title game prices have dipped so low in 2023 is wild. When we have a 12 team playoff it will probably become less profitable to have these games.

It depends on how they get around to structuring these “Mega Conferences.” This season’s PAC 12 tilt it’s a big travel move for both teams, making demand for the tix less. The reason why prices stayed high in 2021 and 2022 was because Utah Fans annexed the stadium and made it into Rice-Eccles Las Vegas.

If they can create some more regionally compact divisions, and probably give the teams with better records a home game in the first round, my guess is CCG’s will be able to rebound. It probably requires teams to drop to an 8-game conference schedule and play 11 regular season games, but it’s doable.


They shouldn’t have them at all going forward. What’s the reasoning? This week should be the first round of the expanded College Football Playoffs.


I still think it’s weird UW and UO don’t travel. It’s the Conference Championship.

They are lucrative for ad dollars and we still have Basketball tournaments for conference titles.

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The pac-12 sold out the CCG a few weeks ago (outside team allotments) - They don’t care about the secondary market prices

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Not so sure it’s Sold Out when Ticketmaster still has them at face value (not resell tix).

A ton of Huskies fans I know here in Seattle are traveling.

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I’m just going by what the conference has said - I’m sure they could be lying

LOL. I clicked that second link and then tickets and turned off “Verified Resell.” Then I for fun said 8 tickets and can get 8 of them together. That’s wild they flat out are lying:

Blue dots are unsold and pink/red are resell

Yeah. But if you’re going to do them, eventually teams are going to have to start scheduling fewer games during the regular season. You could in theory play four games in the CFP alone. Add that on top of the the 12 game regular season AND a conference championship game, that’s a possibility of SEVENTEEN GAMES in a single season. Even without a conference championship game, you’re still looking at a possible 16-game season. That’s NFL-type stuff. The season is too long. They should go back to 11-game seasons and no conference championship games. That’s what they do at the FCS level.

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I don’t disagree. I think we may see the death of Non-Conference and everyone plays 10 conference games and you have a Championship.

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No way the SEC gives up their 8 home games ever year, and 3 gimmies


LOL. We played 7 home games and played Texas and went on the road to USF. Next season we play Seven home games and go one the road to Wisconsin. in 2025 we have 7 home games and play at Florida State and host Wisconsin non-conference. in 2026 we have 7 home games and play FSU and travel to West Virginia. In 2027 we play 7 home games and play West Virginia and head to Columbus, Ohio to play the Buckeyes.

I’m not sure Alabama got your 8 home game and 3 gimmies memo.

Sure our schedule has some layups:
Week 1 WKU
Week 2 USF
Week 3 @ Wisconsin
Week 4 Either Missouri, South Carolina or @ Vandy.
Week 5 Georgia
Week 6 Either Missouri, South Carolina or @ Vandy.
Week 7 Either Missouri, South Carolina or @ Vandy.
Week 8 @ Tennessee
Week 9 Bye
Week 10 @ LSU
Week 11 Mercer (yup we do have the 1-AA game that CNS has lobbied to be another SEC game but got voted down)
Week 12 @ Oklahoma
Week 13 Auburn

Cupcake schedule indeed. lol

Tennessee 8 home games (1 in Nashville)

OOC games -Austin Peay, Texas San Antonio, UCONN, Virginia

Last time I checked they were in the SEC


Bama 2019 schedule

8 home games

OOC - Duke, NewMexico St, Southern Miss, Western Carolina


8 home games

OOC - Louisville, Ark St, Louisiana Lafayette, Citadel

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LOL. Nashville is three hours from Knoxville.

Your comment was they wouldn’t give up 8 games going forward. But let’s look at 2024
Looking at the SEC. Home Games by team and top two OOC:
Alabama- 7 (Wisconsin and USF)
Arkansas- 7 (Ok State and UAB)
Auburn- 7 OOC (Cal and UNM)
Florida- 7 OOC (Miami and Florida State)
Georgia- 6 OOC (Ga Tech and Clemson)
Kentucky- 8 OOC (Louisville and So Miss)
LSU- 7 OOC (SC and UCLA)
Oklahoma- 7 OOC (Houston and Tulane)
Ole Miss- 7 (Wake Forest and MTSU)
MSU- 7 OOC (Az State and Toledo)
Mizzou- 7 OOC (Boston College and Buffalo)
So Carolina- 7 OOC (Clemson and ODU)
Tennessee- 7 OOC (NC State and Kent State)
Texas- 7 OOC (Michigan and Colo State)
Texas A&M- 7 OOC (Notre Dame and BGSU)
Vanderbilt- 7 OOC (Va Tech and SMU)

Missouri 2024 Schedule:

Murray State
Boston College


Missouri in Conference goes to Alabama and Texas A&M and then hosts Oklahoma. BUT, @sweetgrass also said the SEC won’t play less than 8 home games. 1/16th of the teams play 8 home games. lol

Let’s not forget their conference added 2 top-25 teams as well.

How does this:

Support this statement:

Also, funny how you neglect the years we killed SC, Wisconsin, Florida State, Clemson etc etc in OOC around that time. Duke was added when Notre Dame canceled and that Louisville game was scheduled when they were a 9-win team.

So, who are the Utes non-conference this upcoming 2024 season? Also, back to the point of my response. I think we see OOC go away now that both the Big 1G and SEC just added 2 Top 25 programs to their conference.

my only point is the SEC isnt giving up its bread and butter. 8 home games with most of those OOC games against lower competition and the home game revenue it provides.

You made it about Bama. I actually think Saban is one of the few in the SEC that would like that changed. Props to him. Too bad more dont feel that same way, it would make for a better product. That SEc 3rd week in Nov is unwatchable.

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