Conference Championship Secondary Market Tix Prices and Stadium size

But they literally all are only playing seven home but Kentucky. Also, most play a P5 team every year. I just was commenting Bama off the top of my head. So, I’m not saying this to be mean. What was Utah thinking? They kept the BYU game and the best they got for OOC while in the Pac 12 was UF (2x), Michigan (2x) and Baylor 1x. The admin could have scheduled some cool home games.

For the record, nobody likes that cupcake game. It tends to be the game every redneck who can’t afford Tix goes to because it has zero interest. It’s bad for fans, bad for SOS but it helps get people healthy and an auto “W.” I really wish they would make a rule where nobody on this level can play FCS teams.

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I’m from Boston. My High school football team could beat Boston College.
The U-Mass Ultimate Disk team is wicked awesome though…

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They are 6-6. A certain team from Provo wish they were 6-6

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Yeah, screw the kittens.

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Anyone see this 2033 what if scenario from John Wilmer? Spoiler: Utah wins the first reunited PAC14 championship under coach Scalley.

Our vision for the future of Pac-12 football: It’s 2033, and the conference has reformed with the old guard

I will take “Who’s Who in the Bottom 10 of the FBS” for $10,000 Alex.


No doubt. Playing a bunch of teams under .500 in non conference is awful.

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You made a comment about scheduling Louisville when they were good, so it wasn’t your fault that they were bad when you played them.

So, apparently Florida and Baylor have always been bad, based on your most recent post.

Who said anything about them? I was commenting about Mizzou.

EDIT: Lol. I honestly didn’t know UF nor Baylor was under .500. I just looked it up. I also agree. Crapping on teams for scheduling a P5 is weird.

You said it right there.

I didn’t mention Baylor or UF. You did. I wasn’t making a Utah comment. I was blasting Mizzou’s schedule

Got it. I thought you making a comment about Utah’s OOC schedule.

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But, kind of fits my argument. The best you can do is try to schedule P5 schools and High G5s. How those schools perform is not on you as the team. I HATE the FCS games. I get it if you are a G5 trying to get bowl eligible (or maybe Vandy or Cal)