Colorado likely jumping to B12

At least according to Thamel.


Well, they joined the P 12 on a sales pitch from Larry Scott. Why not go home to the Cow Town Conference on a sales pitch from Yormark.

The truth is their teams have sucked like a Category 5 Hurricane in the Conference of Cannibals. I guess having locked in wins on the conference schedule meant more to them. God knows, even with UT and Oklahoma gone they won’t be winning that conference in any sport anytime soon.


Let chaos reign!


Can’t say I’m very fond of “sources.” Man up and tell us who they are, or your credibility is suspect at best. That’s not to say he’s incorrect, the anonymous just gives a rather convenient way to say he was wrong without saying he was wrong.


I’m oddly numb to it. It’s clearer and clearer that college football has fallen apart. The NCAA has no control. And the teams and schools are ran by greedy, short sighted children.

I have wanted the PAC-12 to stay together and stand for something besides football. But regardless if if CO goes or not what is happening across the country with teams is just making me check out at this point. It can only drag on so long before the well is truly poisoned .


I’m in the same boat, aside from rooting for our Utes. At this point I’m half hoping that the Utes and the remaining teams not name Stanford or Cal can manage to stick together, maybe create a new conference with the better programs across the West and maybe swipe a program or 4 from the Big 12. Or my bigger daydream that Utah, Washington, Oregon, and someone else in the West get an invite to the BIG. I’m not sure what will happen, but one can daydream.


If we can win the conference again this year, I would guess that the possibility of us being included in BIG expansion would go up. But you never know.


There’s a thread on r/cfb about this. There are folks saying that we should join the Big 12 so we could have the built in rivalry with BYU and CU. I’m not sure I want to renew that one with BYU, it has been too toxic for too long. Let it rest awhile longer. Not to mention we’d win a Big 12 title before they do, which would add to their “poor me” syndrome.


Unfortunately it’s a glorified G5 conference, and a terrible fit for Utah culturally, academically and geographically. Best approach continues to be, remain in whatever iteration of the PAC and work to be included in the P2 for the next (and presumably final) realignment.


This entire thing has turned into such a laughable sh*tshow. I think it’s funny that this all came public just a few hours after the Pac12 did their update to the schools about media rights today. That can’t be a good sign.

Someone just nudge me if/when the millionaires and billionaires finally decide how they want to split the pie so us lowly peasants can watch some football games.


If CU is gone, I bet we’re hot on their heels. I’m not crazy about the idea, but it’s hard to see any other teams joining the P12 at this point.

CU leaving isn’t bad in and of itself. What is concerning is that this doesn’t bode well for a competitive media deal. I would expect Arizona to be the next school to leave. Harlan has been so bullish on the PAC 10 staying together. Is that because he knows the Big XII isn’t interested in Utah?

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I would imagine that to the B12, they have “captured” the SLC market with BYU. They don’t have any real urgency to add Utah.

Even though they’re not as strong of a program, I imagine Arizona and Colorado are much bigger priorities in terms of both new territory and market size.

Again, it’s all simply about $$ and has very little to do with the actual product. Hence why my interest continues to plummet.

I’d prefer the PAC stay together, obviously. But since this can of worms is being re-opened, here’s a thought:

I suspect the LA schools knew what they were getting into by going to the B1G, in terms of how the travel would diminish their chances of success. Accordingly, I think they’ve had a hunch super-conferences are the way, and the B1G will (eventually) invite UW & OU. Phil Knight on the influence tour was a sign of UO’s willingness to buy their way in, if need be.

If the B1G goes to 24, 28, 32 teams, they’ll have to have a sizable western wing to appease USC, who is otherwise hung out to dry with stupid amounts of eastbound jet lag.

The bigger than number gets, the greater the likelihood Utah finds a way into that league… but with an adjusted revenue model. We simply don’t have the eyeballs that exist east of the Mississippi. We just don’t. Neither does Oregon or Washington.

(Finally, if we had to be in the same league with BYU again, we’d be OK. Not my first choice, but we’d find a way to be successful.)


Given all this (and upcoming political battles), I think I’ll just enjoy this season for what it is, and worry about all this later.


The Big 12 is not my 1st choice. That said, if you go that route, I’d bet we win it before BYU does. We’re just better set up.


PAC9, 10, 11 or 12 > Bloated Big XIi with 14 -16 members


This is just sad to cling to this. You mean the conference that had a team in the championship game (yes they got killed) isnt better than the conference that hasn’t sniffed the playoffs in years? Not to mention how superior their men’s basketball programs are? Be realistic. Utah is essentially screwed if we don’t go with Colorado, which sounds unlikely.

Turk, you’re the voice of reason in the room. I’m resigned to the fact the PAC-12 will never be what it has been. I think we were all genuinely excited to be in the same conference as USC and UCLA, and even more happy that we could compete with them.
Whatever happens, our athletic program will land in a good place once the dust has settled. We’ve performed admirably and have earned that right. We’ll be okay in the grand scheme of things.


sorry I’d much rather be in a conference with the remaining PAC schools than with the likes of UCF, Texas Tech, Cincy, etc. Academics, school locations are not comparable.

Do you remember the last time we were in a 16 team conference? Maybe they’ll do the quad thing again?