Class of 22 Utah Football Recruits

I will try to keep this thread of Utah commits and offers for the 22 recruiting class updated as the year progresses. From twitter it appears that Johnson and Glover are on official visits this week. It also appears that there will several others on visits as well.

Current commits:
Nate Johnson QB (California)
Jaylon Glover RB (Florida)
Brandon Rose QB (California)
Tavo Motuapuaka OT (Hawaii)
Chris Reed WR (Florida)
Tao Johnson Ath (Idaho)
Lander Barton LB (Brighton HS)
Carson Tabaracci LB (Park City)
Ryan Peppins WR (Alabama)
Sione Vaka S (California) returning missionary

Official Visits (best measure of interest from Utah):
Nate Johnson QB - Utah
Collin Wright S - Stanford
Jeffrey Ugo S - Utah then decommitted
Keith Olson OT - USC
Brandon Rose QB - Utah
Zion Steptoe WR - Utah then decommitted to Purdue
Ahmaad Moses S
Leyton Nelson OT - UCF
Jeffrey Ugo S - Utah
Carmello Jones DE - Baylor
Adarrius Harshaw WR - Utah then decommitted
Jack Velling TE - Oregon St.
Jaylon Glover RB - Utah
Luka Vincic OT - Oregon St
Dallas Vakalahi DT
Carson Tabaracci Ath - Utah
Lander Barton LB - Utah
Larry Simmons WR - Ole Miss
Wade Woodaz S
Kaeo Akana LB - Boise St, but visiting Utah
Moses Alexander CB
Joseph Jefferson II S
Chris Reed WR - Utah
Isaiah Ward DE
Elijah Reed CB - UK, but visiting Utah
Croix Stewart S - UCLA, but visiting Utah
Ryan Peppins WR - WKU, but visiting Utah

Tyler Knaak OL (Brighton HS) (has not had official visit)


Anyone heard why Moa and other recent decommits made the change?

As I said in another thread, likely going to be a smaller class this year

I thought this was a good look at an official visit.


Must get more linemen in this class. Utes have not recruited a sufficient number of linemen the last few years, and that is showing up in the lack of depth this year. Currently 5 of the 10 OL listed on the depth chart are freshmen. 5 of the 8 DL listed on the depth chart are freshmen.

WR Adarrius Harshaw, from Georgia, has decommitted from the Utes.

Details here:

I’m hearing chatter that it was a “mutual” decision. Harshaw hasn’t developed this season like the Utes hoped and that they have a few better options on the line… who knows, but damn, only 4 commits now?

Currently 6 commits, but still a really small class at this point

As young as this team we are fielding is, this year’s recruiting may be a bit difficult. Who wants to come in and redshirt knowing the guy ahead of you will only be a junior?

2023, on the other hand, is going to be an easier sell to prospects. It will be a more traditional process.

Regardless, we need some really big uglies with mad skills to show up so we can keep Rising upright and slinging the rock; and to open the holes for Thomas, Pledger, Bernard, and the RB’s to be named later.


Committed to the Utes today!!

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Lander Barton commits to Utah. Welcome aboard!


The Barton pipeline might substitute the Polynesian pipeline someday.


needed this one. I don’t expect any other 4 star players this year. based on what I see with recent and upcoming visits, all are “diamond in the rough” types

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Is Carson Tabaracci (Ute recruit) mormon? My guess based on his last name and that he lives in Park City … is no.

The kid is getting MAJOR offers from all the blue chips… even though he’s a 3 star.

I will argue the hardest prospect for Utah to land is the non mormon living in Utah. And I totally understand.

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I believe he is Catholic.

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so long as he’s not Unitarian

can I get an amen?



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He just had an ND visit… he’s gone

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