Changing name to Tornado help for KY

I changed this from a football thread to helping Kentucky tornado victims. I’m leaving the football stuff in, but it is NOT the focus. This change of focus really hit home with the pics that @BamaFanNKY shared, and that he is one of us.

So, feel free to help out via the Red Cross, or whomever you feel can help our friends in Kentucky the most. Here is a link to the Red Cross donation site:
Donate Now - Online Donations | American Red Cross

I’m putting it in our Utah Football, because it indirectly affects us via Lincoln Riley to So. Cal.

His former QB at Oklahoma, Rattler is transfering to So. Carolina. Does he really make them any better, and why So. Carolina? I realize the Gamecocks are marginally better this year, going bowling vs another 6-6 team, UNC. So, they’re in the who “who gives rip?” bowl.

@BamaFanNKY FanNKY, because you follow the SEC more than we do, what is your view? If anyone else wants to chime in feel free. I realize Rattler was supposed to be all sorts of great, but IMO seems more like Brewer or Bentley to me. Perhaps I’m wrong, for his sake I hope so.

edit: adding link to ESPN article.

Former Oklahoma Sooners QB Spencer Rattler transferring to South Carolina; TE Austin Stogner to Gamecocks, too (

I don’t know. I saw the news but I’ve been busy helping clients who were hit by the Tornado in my town.

Honestly, this is an upgrade for them though. They had a GA play QB last season.


sorry to interrupt. Didn’t realize that tornadoes his your part of TN too, my mistake. I hope things are coming along well with the clean up. Tornados scare the snot out of me.


I’m in Kentucky. This is my town.

We’ve got a ton of people still missing. It’s going to be a rough Christmas.

You’re in Mayfield? Damn. I saw some aerial footage from there, and it reminded me of firebombed Dresden pics. Nothing there.

I’m so sorry. Is there a local Red Cross or something that we can donate to?

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Bowling Green. Both of these videos are three miles from me:

15 are already dead and about 27 missing. Sadly, many kids.


Yes, @BamaFanNKY, please let us know where people that are interested can donate to help support the community.

I’ll add it here too, the link to the Red Cross.

Donate Now - Online Donations | American Red Cross

Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund

Later on, I am going to help our business community since a ton of Small business owners lost their businesses. It’s rough. Any help would be great.


Thank you for the link. I hope it gets used.

Glad you’re OK @BamaFanNKY , but that devastation is horrific. Thanks for the relief effort link.

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Thank You. Anything is great.

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I have more survivors guilt than anything. Nothing happened in my neighborhood. We got very lucky. It’s also helped restore my faith in humanity. Kentuckians in general have a blood feud at any given time (see Hatfields and McCoy) but they drop all their feuds and get to work when others need help.


Done - I always forget you are in Kentucky and didn’t even think about it. I’m glad you survived and were unharmed. Regarding survivors guilt, perhaps you were spared because you have the capacity to lift others around you up. As you mention, humans are actually good. I hope those who lost loved ones and everything feel the love of humankind around them.


Done. And I completely agree with and cannot improve on Rocker’s sentiments. I hope for the best for you, your family, and everyone in your community.


Never forget I live in a great college town. The college children raising money for the liquor store :rofl:

It’s actually great. He’s a good dude and the wild thing is his store was completely destroyed. BUT, because of how everything fell one of the beams and walls landed on top of the shelves. Saving most of his inventory. So people came for a good old fashioned Kentucky rescue of bourbon and what not. These are the stories that add levity to a heavy situation for us.


I also learned of a weird FEMA thing today:

I had never heard they had to weigh it for the funding. Anyone understand why? I’m not mad just curious and I know some of y’all have worked in the government.

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Dunno, all I know is it has been a continued ‘problem’ in Utah because neighbors come together and clean up too fast costing the state federal relief funds.

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Sadly, this was the story I was waiting for them to confirm that I knew about. I heard about this the first night as I was on the scanner while calling checking on my people. My daughter spent yesterday taking care of the newly homeless children at the local school where they are living.

It’s depressing.

These are friends of friends who passed:

That’s a wild concept. I get the want to hurry and clean. I will forever remember that now.