Changing name to Tornado help for KY

Wow. The fact so much of the inventory was not destroyed is a miracle.

The fact the inventory didn’t end up mystically showing up in the dorms on campus is a little miracle, too. :wink:

Nothing quite like witnessing Mother Nature full force. She really did a number there in Kentucky. I hope they can get the recovery effort moving faster than the one I had to manage during the Magna Earthquake.

I got to see some of the High Sierra towns in NoCal that got burned to the ground. The burned smells, the charred trees, houses turned to a pile of ash scattered around a foundation, trailers warped with their interiors melted into pools of plastic. It was a miracle no one died in the places I visited (many months later). I don’t know if any of those places will ever be rebuilt,

I hope your communities are able to rebuild.

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So many people came in (business owners) with storage units for him. We are lucky we have Interstate 65 connecting Chicago through Indy, Louisville, Nashville, Bham to gulf shores. There are so many people here to help. It’s almost too many. We’re fortunate that we are 12 hour drive from about 70% of the US Population. We are seeing people from all over 24 hours later. The cash is now the big thing to get things done.

Gotta say, Biden and FEMA have been great so far. Never thought I would say that.


Love this. Our local business community has really stepped up to fill the gaps where help is needed. Click here to see the recent feature of Ali and International Market with our Local International Center. Ali is a friend and a client:

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Now, the horrifying stories are coming out:


thank you for sharing. sometimes we need to be reminded that we’re all people, and eventually need help.


So got home and the town is starting to make progress. Thanks for all who donated we appreciate it. Oddly, another tornado hit on Rose Bowl day a half mile from my house. This one was weaker and did a little damage to some apartment complexes and a furniture store. I may become BamaFanNCa if this keeps up.

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My BIL, a SLC police officer, and several of his fellow officers collected gift cards and all sorts of supplies and loaded them in a large trailer and headed to Kentucky the Weds. before Christmas.

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Tell them, “Thank You.” Got to say, FEMA and the government have done a great job as well. Didn’t expect that.

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As much as some would like to complain about the government, it generally does a good job. I can tell you my experiences with the earthquake and working with the County, State, and FEMA folks, the FEMA folks were in many ways the easiest and most personable to work with. Whenever I had to call FEMA, the first words out of their mouths to me was “what can we do to help.” They were a lot of help.


I didn’t have great experiences with it during Katrina or the Nashville flooding. Granted, those were some tough circumstances.

I am positive your experiences during Katrina were a mess. They were a mess for FEMA and all the agencies called into the response and recovery.

They retooled FEMA after Katrina. I was FEMA trained under the Pre-Katrina, then later on the new Post-Katrina standards. I will say the changes were massive and improved response and recovery efforts tenfold.

That noted, there are still going to be any number of stories that will emerge complaining about the response and recovery being too slow. 99 percent of them will inevitably be from people who are looking for a “free rebuild.” Interestingly, both of these “cases” I had were with property owners who had no insurance at all on their commercial buildings. Both were Libertarians who hated everything government prior to the quake. Now they hate the government for not being a fee-free insurance provider to them.

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So… in this situation, these didn’t turn out to be the most terrifying words as Ronald Reagan suggested, huh? :slight_smile:

(Sorry, I realize this is a non-political category, I just couldn’t resist the setup.)

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When your town gets crushed by Tornados you have kids holiday concerts in January.

Just wished they took Covid seriously.