CB in Meltdown

CB meltdown has a tone of deep resignation and loss. You can hear the Lamentations of their women.
If Sitaki is canned, will Whit bring him back?

I could almost feel sorry for them. Nah, who am I kidding? What a bunch of sanctimonious douchebags…the schadenfreude is delicious.


I find their hate of Morgan Scalley the most amusing of all. It all goes back to him being caught on camera, pumping his team up for the game and saying, “We hate those pricks…” If you are to ask a member of Cougarboard that is the filthiest language they could ever imagine. Of course him owning up to it and apologizing and even going on their message board and apologizing for saying that meant nothing at all. Oh, and this occurred over 15 years ago when he was a college kid.

Right now they are saying they hope Scalley isn’t considered for Sitake’s replacement. First off, Scalley is hopefully smart enough not to go to that career ender, secondly why would he take such a coaching downgrade.

I’ve said it before but their only, ONLY hope is to find some unknown quantity just like they did with Lavell Edwards, who can bring them back to respectability. One major fatal flaw for them though, they have Holmoe there to find such a person. It isn’t going to happen.

Add to their despair is the sad realization that the “Board of Trustees” they hold in such contempt (which happens to be the LDS church leaders) have indicated their interest in BYU athletics by basically saying, “If it pays for itself then knock yourself out, but we aren’t spending any extra money on athletics.” As well they shouldn’t.

It’s a pretty weird world they are living in as fans.

I just remind myself that cougarboard is a collection of the worst of their fans. Fortunately for me, all of my friends who are BYU fans great people and are nothing like them.


For those of us who had to put up with their arrogance back in the 80’s (and even to this day they have misplaced arrogance), the karma is great. The evil side of me loves their anguish.


I agree. My Cougar fan buddies have a realistic attitude about the team and expectations and a sense of humor.
I made the mistake of going to CB years ago, and (like a dog in the cat box) I can’t seem to stop…

At least the late hits and constant taunting is less, which I attribute to KS as much as their record.

As to bringing Kalani back, I’m still a little miffed at the way he left us and our possition at that time, which felt like lateral move at best. Not sure he will survive. They go from gross infatuation to condemnation in a nanosecond over there.


East Provo isn’t sacking Sitake. Their booster club, athletic department, and school presidency know there is no one out there of Sitake’s pedigree who will be willing to coach this flaming turdball. Not even Mormon Guilt is going to land them a coach who could improve on what Sitake is doing…paging Coach Ken…

They have a lot of issues to resolve in the nation-state of Provo - the HC really isn’t one of them.


When you think back on Kalani leaving, remember that Whit was pushing Chris Hill to give Kalani a raise and also to increase the contracts of the coordinators from one year rollover deals to 2 year deals rolling to two years every year. That was the standard at the time and Hill was not budging. Yes Kalani took a lateral job, but it gave him a raise and a two year contract. While this was only one of many rifts between Kyle and Hill, it cemented in the minds of everyone in the Football office that the Athletic Admin. were not friends of football.


Honestly, given the recent changes in the LDS Church, which seems to be a refocus on what should really be important to the members, I think they’re about one step from having sports programs dropped. A couple years ago, I would laugh at those who would say that but not any more. Seems more likely all the time.


That’s good insight. Thank you.
But should he return?

Will be interesting to see how many fans show up this week

It certainly becomes harder to justify. Many on cougarboard believe that BYU football is a missionary arm of the church. I think the only legitimate claim to that is the players who join after being part of the team. It was not well received there when I suggested, “Are not DIII athletes souls great in the eyes of the Lord?”

Actually things like BYU Pathways are indications that the LDS church’s focus will be on providing higher education to all church members of all economic circumstances around the world.


I’ve heard from some fairly reliable sources that there are serious discussions about ending the program within the highest levels of the church. They’ve already gutted their programming on KBYU to fund the program in an attempt to make them relevant and as the losing continues it becomes less clear what the goal is down there.


Will Whitt bring Kalani back? He’d find some room for Kalani, in some capacity, but Scalley has the D now.

Kalani is a great guy, and I think he’d be a good head football coach, but taking that job as your first head coaching gig was extreme high risk.

The mix of factors that make BYU a kamikaze head coaching position are far more ferocious than the situation Whitt looked at after the 2004 season. It’s gotten so much worse since the summer of 2010, when the local media (somehow) equated Utah going to the PAC-12 with BYU’s going Indy as comparable moves.

Even though he was a first class weirdo at BYU, Bronco realized that and ran for the exit with just about his entire staff, and Ken Niumatalolo was in Utah about 1.5 days before saying “no thanks”.

Kalani will land on his feet.


. It was not well received there when I suggested, “Are not DIII athletes souls great in the eyes of the Lord?”

Lol. Good one.


They need to get on their knees and beg the MWC to take them back. Honestly it wouldn’t hurt the MWC and it would help TDS. Their post season prospects and recruiting would increase. But they’d also have to deal with the unimaginable truth that they simply aren’t that attractive to any of the P-5 conferences. So ego will keep them out of the only solution.


Yep. Their arrogance will more than likely be their undoing. They are on their way there. Karma.


I think if they’re well possitioned in the MW it would improve their overall “national” look. There would would be more to play for and likely win some conference titles, which perpetuates the hype train.
But you’re right. They just won’t do it.


This was all Chris Hill. KS deserved a healthier pay increase WITH longevity in mind, and Whit pushed CH for it. CH wouldn’t budge, so KS left and it hurt us. CH was not handing out extensions at the time if I recall correctly. Since then we had a few minuscule growing pains, but adapted quickly. Ultimately I believe this contributed to CH stepping down and the new “football oriented regime” to be in place as it is today.


Is Kalani truly a defensive genius? He certainly has excellent rapport with his players. How has our defense changed?
Not trying to provoke, just curious about his record at OSU.

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No, and he isn’t and will never be a good head coach.