BYU to Big XII?



Honestly, if they add Cincinnati, Central Florida and Memphis it wouldn’t be a bad conference.

Probably a better conference than they had with TU and OU


I know you love to hate on OU and TU, but this isn’t even close to being true.


Memphis averages 9.5 wins over the last 4 years, UC was a top 10 team last year (11 wins over last 3 years), and UCF was down last season but they have been a double-digit win team and in the NY6.

Let’s also consider all three are in hot recruiting areas as well as media markets that the Big XII don’t currently reach. Texas was a drag competition-wise and called all the shots as if they weren’t a drag. It’s an upgrade.

maybe the SEC should add Memphis? It would upgrade the conference academic standing.


Same ol’song, but are they really adding a new verse with BYU? I don’t know the TV numbers, but I don’t know if BYU adds enough even now for the Big XII.


Are you crazy? Memphis is better than half the Pac 12 in football and 3/4 of the Pac 12 in hoops. We can’t keep adding killers on the field and scholars in the classroom. We need someone who can be a cupcake and help drive scores down like Washington State.

BYU is the least intriguing of the 4 schools. TV Numbers based off the idea that all people from one church watch COUGBall. The recruiting area doesn’t add much either.

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Memphis was rated the 3rd fattest city in America, just behind Shreveport LA, its like they were custom made for the SEC.

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Picking on predominantly African American cities is a very bad look. You probably shouldn’t do that.

the cities in the top 10 aren’t predominately black, you’re trying to shift the focus to something race related. I mostly enjoy your posts but often you’re a clown


Nice deflection.


Hey Bamafan, I found a website that you might like more than Utefans. Lol.


Keep this on track. Solid footprint by adding these 4:

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Houston, Cincinnati, and UCF add some solid TV markets and are generally competitive programs.

BYU at #4 is an easy, but lazy pick. It’s easy because they have no ties to cut from somewhere else, which also make them a lazy pick. They have had one respectable season of football in the last decade (2020). That season was a version of their 1984 season where Bryant Gumbel accused them of playing Bo Diddley Tech (which by the way Utah had t-shirts made that said “We are Bo Diddley Tech” for the game that year. We also almost beat them, too); and they lost to the mullets.

If I were Bowlsby, I would look to SDSU for my 4th pick. Good athletics, new facilities, and a media market that dwarfs SLC/Provo.


Am I weird in preferring Nevada over SDSU? Maybe I just like the area.

UNLV can be competitive in Basketball…and that’s about it. Football facilities just got an upgrade and Vegas is a nice destination site, meaning fans from other schools would be likely to do the roadie to a game.

That said, their football team is historically bad.

Again a media upgrade over BYU, but not over SDSU.

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The only reason the Big12 goes west is if the money makes it worthwhile, and BYU is the only team in the west that can deliver that money. So the BIg-12 either looks purely to the east or grabs BYU (and possibly other western teams).

Remember the shot of the Rose Bowl virtually empty on opening day for UCLA? Take the apathy of southern california towards UCLA, multiply that by 1000, and you have SDSU. The only way any western team other than BYU will be considered is if the Big12 decides they want a western pod to put BYU in. And if that happens, it’s not clear who else belongs in the pod. Boise for quality? SDSU/UNLV for destination? CSU/SDSU for being afterthoughts in large markets? New Mexico for the pit?

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What about Air Force? They generally suck, but the service academy thing might be attractive. There are a lot of potential fans out there in the world, although I’m not sure getting on the Armed Forces network is a big revenue win.

Kalani Sitake got a contract extension through 2025 - congrats to him and the fan base is high on him. But watch out if he struggles this year, they’ll turn on him faster than they did when their church leadership asked them to get vaccinated and wear masks. :joy: