BYE week so please allow the distraction - Kalani Sitake

I think most would agree that Kalani is a solid human being. However, that loss to Toledo is not excusable - don’t get me wrong I enjoyed every minute of it.

That said, I feel for SItake. One of two things is true: (1) Kalani never should’ve taken that job it’s not a good one and he saw the Gary Anderson ship sinking - and jumped! or (2) He’s nowhere close to being ready to be a head coach.

I’m leaning towards the former…

I think you might be right about the former - in the sense that if he went down with Gary he may never get above a coordinator position. Warts and all it was a golden opportunity for him.

Even with the loss to Toledo, I am seeing improvements in his program - so I think if he gets the rare opportunity to work it out I can see him becoming a solid coach. BYU has very few other options - so I can actually see that happening.


I know I am biased here, however, remember the 4th and 20 inside is own 10 yard line against Boise State (something to that effect) - he tried a fake punt. It seems he coaches on emotion, which explains his few outlier wins.

I’m not sure I agree the program is better than when Bronco had it. Definitely less offensive. If he has another 6 win season - he may be done. Question is, like you pointed out, what are their options?

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Not better than when Bronco had it, but has improved since he took the helm.

I don’t think their program would be any better right now with Bronco. He won exactly 0 big games as an independent. They are just in a tough situation.

I agree that Kalani runs on emotion. That can be a double edged sword for a coach.


All that said, he has several wins over name programs now.

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BYU coaches and players are in a tough position from the standpoint that with the exception of the games against P5 schools, the others are meaningless. They have nothing to play for. It was really hard as a fan to show up to Utah games in the 70’s and 80’s because regardless of outcome, the season had in large part already decided.


completely agree. They play up against good competition, only for respect and bragging rights. Outside of those big games, the rest of the season is meaningless. Hard to get excited about some of the teams they play. A conference, any conference would help.

Kalani is a solid coach and will do a good job if the zoobs will give him a chance. Kalani is not holding the BYU football program back, poor AD leadership and a paltry budget are the primary obstacles to BYU football success. You get what you pay for.


You could add independence to that list.

You know though, this is a great thread for BYE week. Longest week of the year, including off-season.


Welcome to the new and improved!


Good guy…wrong school.

I believe Sitake could be a good HC at a regular G5 program. At the G5 school he landed at, where he is in a heated rivalry with a P5 school that owns them in the series and he can’t recruit the talent he needs to get over he top (and yes we are his measuring stick), it doesn’t get much worse than that. Donkey saw the handwriting on the wall and bounced because of it. Hell, the just told a bunch of sports reporters that much recently. As long as they stay independent, East Provo is on the fast track to nowhere - and it doesn’t matter who is coaching them?

Yes, it was an ugly loss. That said, it doesn’t take losing much talent to injuries for that team to become bad. Losing Williams and the Wilson are kill shots for them.

Kalani may get bounced in Provo, but we will emerge as a HC somewhere else. He’s earned the look through a difficult recruiting situation.


I agree completely with your post and it reflects a lot of the angst on Cougarboard right now. They can’t decide if it is Coach Sitake or the situation of independence etc. They are even starting to wonder if they are “bad fans”. That really makes me smile and think about Max Hall.

So I replied: “No, but you may be the baddies” with this link


BYU football is in Groundhog Day. We spanked them for #9, then they eeked out OT wins vs Tennessee and USC (with the Trojans clearly overlooking them) and then got spanked even worse by UW.

The Toledo loss sends them right back into the worst funk, erases any of the rebound high they had in Games 2 & 3. Wins vs Boise & Utah State might help a little, but they’re in purgatory.

They can’t even generate a solid consensus that Kalani needs to go (who would replace him?)… with the finger being pointed directly at Holmoe, the BOT, the Honor Code.

Lather, rinse, repeat. They’re in hell.


I also think it is hard to play four tough games back to back in Sept., then go two hours east and play a meaningless game early in the day. It is a recipe for a letdown.

Nobody can win with the independence schedule. The job is a career graveyard, as Bronco explained with his feet.

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And Ma-ake arrives! Welcome, my friend!

And concerned shows up at the same time! Woot! Welcome!

LOL. Thanks for a great start to the day.

I like to think of myself as Ma’ake’s sancho panza.


I don’t know that our D changed much with Kalani’s leaving, so I wonder how much of our defense is truly orchestrated by Witt… Seems like he was compelled to take the BYU position, but, anyone should take that job with eyes wide open. I found his initial exuberance (showing up at a basketball game in the student section etc…) to be a little off-puting.
In general though, I don’t see the litany of late hits and cheap shots celebrated quite so much by the Zoobs, which is better. However, I do feel that the overall vibe of that program is rife with landmines.
I’d prefer to play them every three or four years. Otherwise, keep the money in the state and promote other state schools for the B or C game.

“If the thunder don’t get you, then the lightning will….”

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