Bring on the UW Huskies (farewell edition)

This is where things start to get melancholy for me. For the past decade-plus, I’ve had the luxury of seeing Utah athletics regularly in Seattle, my hometown.

Anyway, my crew and I will be at the official Utah sailgate before the game Saturday… hope to see some of you there. Looks like it’s gonna be an early one, so mimosas and Bloody Marys it is. Go Utes!


I’ve been to one of the Ute away games in Seattle during the PAC12 era, and am very sorry that I will not likely have a chance to see the Ute’s play there again anytime soon.

WA has a beautiful campus, a wonderful old historic housing district adjacent to the campus, and the late evening view from the campus and/or the game onto the lake and the sailgate is a beautiful/ unique college football experience.

I’m going to miss the fabulous options for away games that we have enjoyed in the PAC.


I’m feeling the same here.

The first 7 years after moving to Seattle I was lucky to be able to see one, maybe two, Ute games a year as there wasn’t much of a call for Mountain West games in this area, and I would get odd looks when I would ask at local sports bars for them to switch over to one.

The Pac-12 gave me great access to my Utes and every time they would visit Pullman or Seattle I would try to make my way out there to watch them.

Husky Stadium is an amazing venue and it was nice having it be a short freeway trip away to see my Utes every other season or so. I will miss that.

Here’s hoping we get a win next week and hoping we get a few non-conference games with UW scheduled once in a while.



Just checked the line on this one, looks like it opened at Washington -3.5 and hasn’t moved. Honestly I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I think it’ll be a really good matchup.


My wife and I are going, and bringing our granddaughter and her boyfriend who are UW students. So if you see some Husky purple in the Utah section, try to be nice.

Forecast now looks like it will be rainy during the game. Big surprise for Seattle in November :roll_eyes:


Sounds fun. I always wanted to make a trip to Seattle to watch the Utes but I never made it happen. Stupid me.


I made it in 2019 amd really enjoyed the game, stadium, and Seattle as I had never been.

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Of course, weather forecasting for the PNW is notoriously bad. Randomly calling for 50% chance of showers a week out, is literally just as accurate as the most scientific model. Anyway it’s November so, yeah it will probably rain :laughing:


My son, who lives in Portland, is going up for the game this weekend, and wonders if anyone knows what section is the official away team section at Husky Stadium.

I’ve been there once, and recall sitting with a lot of Ute fans in the South East corner of the stadium. but it may not have been the official away section.

Anyone know?

The official designated visitors’ section at Husky Stadium is 101. Utah always buys it out quickly and gets an extra allocation- which I know this year is in 331 (likely in 332 as well).

If he gets tix in 101, it’s close to field but not covered. 331 is a better view IMO, and is mostly covered from the elements… that’s where my crew and I will be.

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Thanks SO much! Section 331, must be the section I sat in given the description. He’ll appreciate the info, and let’s hope for a Ute win!

I wish I was gonna be there - we lost a close/tough game when I was their in (I think) 2018.

Go Utes!

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Probably 2017… Tyler balled out but we lost a heartbreaker. Came back in 2019 and got revenge, in one for the ages.


enjoy an ivars 3 piece and hopefully it is not too rainy during the game


The game conditions could get interesting. Local news is predicting a pretty decent rain & wind storm late Friday and into early Saturday AM. Keeping an eye on it- if we’re lucky it will mostly clear up before kickoff.

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Hope we can get a win.

Trivia: In the PAC12 era, who is the only team that Utah has not beaten on the road?


Hard to believe, but it’s Cal. Of course, only played them twice on the road, 2011 and 2016. Also, Washington is the only conference team Utah hasn’t beaten at home in the PAC12 era.


As of right now - fingers crossed - it looks like the weather should be decent for the game. Big rainstorm coming overnight with wind, but it should mostly blow over by the AM (caveat, this is the PNW so you just never know).

Of course this is for those attending in person. In fairness, I guess wind and rain might work in Utah’s favor.


From an aviation forecast. from 1300 til 1600 , light rain with winds out of South at 20 kts gusting to 30. This might hamper Penix a bit.


You know, it’s interesting, I followed Indiana a little bit while Penix was there, mainly because Jack Tuttle was there too, and I was curious to see what he did (not much at all). I don’t recall Penix being that amazing at IU. Maybe it was because his supporting cast wasn’t what it is at Washington. Am I wrong?