Brewer, we hardly knew ye

Just heard the rumor.

as mentioned elsewhere, official per sltrib, u of u beat writer

What’s happening with today’s athletes? This is crazy.



Best of luck to him, I guess, but that’s a bush league move.


was there ever reasoning given why he left Baylor?

I would assume that if he leaves now (less than 4 games played) he preserves a year of eligibility and can try to play elsewhere. Similar to Tuttle leaving at the beginning of the season after a couple of games.


That’s my understanding as well.

Regardless, it’s a very loud statement on his level of commitment to a program.


I don’t really blame him. He was a senior quarterback rental that the Utes hoped would lead them to the promised land. It didn’t work out, both parties move on.

I think we’ve seen enough of this approach.


And I thought last year was going to be a rebuiling year


Seems like Rising is the guy, which makes me happy. If Brewer didn’t see any daylight at Utah, I wish him the best.


The writing may have been on the wall when the team elected Rising as a captain.


I usually try to be supportive of guys who choose to transfer, but this one really rubs me the wrong way for some reason. It smacks of a significant lack of commitment to do one’s best and be a team player. He had all the info coming in as to competition and style of play.


If Rising and Brewer were truly neck and neck this may be the answer why Brewer got the start.

Either way it seems the right guy is now officially on the field.


One observation my son in Yuma and I have made is that the product we have been watching doesn’t feel like Kyle Whittingham football. It lacks… a certain je ne sais quoi… the chip on the shoulder, the toughness, the blue collar feeling? Hard for me to say, but I have to wonder how much the transfer portal plays into this.

I am sad that Brewer left - especially if the quarterback race was really 1 and 1A - but we can only play the cards we have so hopefully Rising and Jackson can salvage our season. I don’t have a ton of hope based on what I have seen so far, but… a Utah man, sir, and will be 'til I die, win or lose.


After Bentley and Brewer, I think we can we all agree that we’re over the whole “rent a Senior QB to be the missing piece”. Better to try and develop young talent, even if that comes with growing pains.

Or maybe we just need to avoid QB’s whose last name starts with “B”.


This is what the transfer portal is all about. Basically an audition for playing time knowing that if it doesn’t happen you move on quickly. Fans need to understand this relationship - it’s transaction with very little loyalty.
I expect several other portal players leaving soon.


I get how a grad transfer wants to go somewhere, start, have a chance on a promising team - all things Brewer got. He had some concussions, needed a fresh look by leaving Baylor, and took a good opportunity. But if he came in an didn’t perform, where is he going to go? Down a level? Some other desperate team? He’s not going to the league. This is it. I get if he is feeling slighted, but his performance was clear on the field. Leaving to preserve one last chance just is sour grapes. But a kid’s gotta dream I guess.

Here’s to Rising, Jackson, and Costelli. Good news is all 3 likely stay. Jackson probably has the most to gain - he might be needed as qb and not changed to another position (which he would likely do very well in). Anyone know - are we trying to keep Costelli as redshirt unless we absolutely need him?

Can anyone think of one that worked out? The list is short. I can think of Russell Wilson, Gardner Minshew, Jalen Hurts, and Joe Burrow.

It just seems like the team likes him better, right? Like they trust him and will fight harder with him leading. Brewer was a business deal and he brought in experience but it didn’t show in his decision making (not totally his fault with OL and OC, but he could have adapted, etc.).


I’m usually in the supportive camp as well. In this case all I can say is don’t let the door smack you in the ass on the way out.


This would bother me way more if he had come up through the ranks and then lost the starting spot and decided to leave. He didn’t come to Utah to be a Ute, he came to Utah to be a starter and polish his resume. You may not think he ever had a shot at the NFL, but I’ll bet in the back of his head he did, and he probably bought the hype that Utah was positioned to make a run this year.

The last 2 games weren’t all on Brewer, Utah sucked it up in all 3 phases. But when you start the year 1 and 2, you may as well finish out the season with the guy that’s going to learn from his mistakes and come back better next year.

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but the timing of it sucks, we’re already a program in turmoil, this adds to it