Big Ten reaches seven-year TV deal worth nearly $8 billion after adding UCLA, USC

Why is it so hard to understand? The money gives USC the ability to do things it could not before such as pay walk-on scholarships, those with partial scholarships, better facilities, coaching salaries, etc. etc. even a men’s soccer team, women’s gymnastics and women’s softball team are in play now.

All of the above directly impact my emotional well-being especially on Saturdays in the fall.


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Laurie Laughlin’s kids should reapply


My hunch is expansion is done for a while. Why dilute the pot further at this point?

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This. Unless it’s ND I don’t see it moving.


Stanford and Dirty Hippies may both end up in the Big - the Bay Area market makes too much sense for the TV money.


That’s what I figured. Those four schools will probably leave the PAC for the B1G.

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Question - Isn’t the Pedo Bears’ Athletic Department actually bleeding more money that the Ruins right now, as we speak?

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Big 1G doesn’t need the Bay Area Market. They need something in the middle of the country if they want to be a “NATIONAL CONFERENCE.” They also are holding till Notre Dame says yes. Plus, people always bring up the smaller schools but let’s look at TV Viewership by school:

Conference championship games and bowl games are not included in these numbers. Games that do not have available data were counted as zero.

  1. Ohio State (5.19M)
  2. Alabama (5.09M)
  3. Michigan (4.18M)
  4. Notre Dame (3.61M)
  5. LSU (3.22M)
  6. Auburn (3.12M)
  7. Georgia (2.91M)
  8. Oklahoma (2.90M)
  9. Clemson (2.67M)
  10. Penn State (2.55M)
  11. Florida (2.46M)
  12. Wisconsin (2.27M)
  13. Texas (2.269M)
  14. Florida State (2.23M)
  15. Michigan State (2.20M)
  16. Southern Cal (1.98M)
  17. Texas A&M (1.851M)
  18. Tennessee (1.849M)
  19. Oklahoma State (1.64M)
  20. Mississippi (1.61M)
  21. Iowa (1.57M)
  22. Nebraska (1.51M)
  23. Miami (1.503M)
  24. TCU (1.495M)
  25. Stanford (1.43M)
  26. Oregon (1.34M)
  27. Arkansas (1.33M)
  28. Washington (1.32M)
  29. Mississippi State (1.31M)
  30. West Virginia (1.27M)
  31. Virginia Tech (1.26M)
  32. UCLA (1.25M)
  33. Louisville (1.22M)
  34. Indiana (1.17M)
  35. Baylor (1.12M)
  36. South Carolina (1.07M)
  37. Navy (1.01M)
  38. Texas Tech (921K)
  39. Washington State (909K)
  40. Northwestern (867K)
  41. Utah (856K)
  42. Army (825K)
  43. Minnesota (803K)
  44. Pittsburgh (781K)
  45. North Carolina (749K)
  46. Iowa State (747K)
  47. California (730K)
  48. BYU (714K)
  49. NC State (703K)
  50. Arizona State (695K)
  51. Syracuse (694K)
  52. Houston (689K)
  53. Kansas State (682K)
  54. Maryland (681K)
  55. Purdue (620K)
  56. Georgia Tech (615K)
  57. Missouri (611K)
  58. Colorado (610K)
  59. Virginia (592K)
  60. UCF (566K)
  61. Memphis (564K)
  62. Arizona (561K)
  63. Kentucky (484K)
  64. Boise State (476K)
  65. Vanderbilt (438K)
  66. Cincinnati (430K)
  67. Duke (410K)
  68. USF (407K)
  69. Boston College (403K)
  70. Illinois (401K)
  71. Wake Forest (398K)
  72. Temple (354K)
  73. Kansas (346K)
  74. Oregon State (295K)
  75. Rutgers (266K)
  76. Tulsa (265K)
  77. SMU (232K)
  78. Colorado State (130K)
  79. Fresno State (127K)
  80. Wyoming (126K)
  81. Air Force (121K)
  82. New Mexico (97K)
  83. Hawaii (94K)
  84. East Carolina (82K)
  85. Nevada (80K)
  86. San Diego State (63K)
  87. UNLV (55K)
  88. Tulane (42K)
  89. San Jose State (30K)

Yes, Ole Miss in Oxford Mississippi would be the top-rated Pac-12 team if they joined. Markets are great but the bay area gives you the #25 team & #47. Oklahoma State and Kansas State will bring more eyeballs than a Stanford and Cal.

Interesting addition to this thread. Not a direct follow, but definitely part of the storyline.

Found this on r/cfb. (beginning to think I spend too much time there). Dude has some link to some bigwig at Minnesota that passes on info. Dude learned in March that U$C was interested in going to the BIG.

And for our next attraction…. I don’t like the NCAA much, but the last thing we need right now is more chaos in college football and in college sports generally, created by the people who care about money above all else.

This is just the class recognizing the substitute teacher has zero power. The NCAA sitting on their hands for so long has led to this.

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You apparently love size comparison, so how about this one for some perspective: The SEC’s new media deal with ESPN/ABC is a “whopping” 3 billion for ten years (2024 - 2034), which is less than half of the BIG’s.

Maybe now they wish they hadn’t ditched CBS……?

I hope it hurts the SEC because they’ve manipulated the system far too long.


the B1G isnt doing the remaining members of the PAC12 any favors by continually hinting that they arent done expanding with sights on Seattle, the Bay Area and Oregon.

But who cares about the overall health of the sport when 40 college programs can make all of the money


That first line seems like something an SC fan likes. Also, I don’t care about TV deals. My team has won 6 of the last 12 titles. That’s two shy of your squad’s historical total. So, my team is always going to be on TV and making money. I could give two ■■■■■ about what happens to the rest of the SEC. Def don’t need to travel across the country to find value for my team. Y’all would be 8th in SEC for fan viewership.

Also, losing Gary on the broadcasts is worth any reduction in $.

EDIT: What’s wild is that CBS paid that much for a conference with one National Champion in 16 years. Compared to the lower-priced SEC with 12 of the last 16 titles. Maybe Pasadena is better at seeing value. Not sure this is a story of the Big 1G making a great deal or CBS overpaying for an inferior product.

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As I understand it, there are a few cases going through the courts where the NCAA is being sued to treat players in sports as employees under the FLSA. Some cases in certain circuits have failed while other cases in other circuits are still alive. From what i have read, there may be a need for the Supreme Court to weigh in to conform the various decisions in various courts.

I wonder how much a breakoff from the NCAA or more movement away from direct association with the universities may be towards avoiding these actions in court.

I understand that one of the points made by the plaintiffs in these cases is that a football player on scholarship is really no different than a student who works in the library and is on scholarship.

Will be interesting to see how this all plays out, both in court, and the regents offices.

The insurance thing is a big deal. You basically sign an athletic scholarship that can hinder your health till your death. The University that profits off that pain from laboring in your sport is basically allowed to dictate how much medical help you get (from the way it’s been explained to me). This is why it would be advantageous that there is a players union in college athletics.

Northwestern isnt the chicago market… Iowa, Illinois and Michigan all have bigger Chicago markets than Northwestern

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Notre Dame has a bigger Chicago market than all four of those. The point everyone makes is “the local” team is the market. It’s not. Dallas probably has more OU and UT fans than they have SMU. That’s why I showed the list by the school. Markets are an antiquated way of looking at it. More so now we are developing into more of a streaming culture.

I look at Chicago as a Midwestern version of Atlanta to the SEC. All fans graduate and move there.

you are looking at it the right way… chicago has a ton of BIg 10 alumni. One awesome thing to do is go catch a cubs game on a saturday then walk down clark street and most of the big 10 has their own “bar” to watch the games.

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By Wrigley Field is the Alabama Bar. HOUNDSTOOTH SALOON, Chicago - Lake View - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor