“Best UF.N Moments” thread

This is definitely a sink or swim type of thread, but seeing as that the site has been around for almost 25 years, I thought it might be fun to celebrate some of the more memorable moments that have happened since the sites inception. I haven’t been a regular poster terribly long, but I’d love to hear what you all remember. I know there are at least a handful of Senioritis stories…

Go thru the archives and find some Landpoke or Hod Sanders posts. Those were always good.


Goatnapper’s stories.


There was a New Mexico fan, who’s handle slips my mind at the moment, who posted some great stuff, somebody, anybody, what was his handle?

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Had a CSU fan (Rambunctious or something like that) who appeared on occasion too


I miss the days when trolls would actually turn into trolls. Good times.


Mr. Crimson fighting off that annoying Yzguy troll by finding out his name and status at BYU and reporting him to the Honor Code Office.

“It wasn’t funny! You have no idea how hard it is to clear your name with the Honor Code office after you’ve been accused of something!”

I think there was another time when Mr. Crimson found out where YzGuy worked and reported to his management that he’s been spending too much time at work on the Internet. It was a low blow, of course, but it was funny, and Mr. Crimson was the best at de-trolling operations.


Webmonkey’s travel pics from the 2010 Utah vs AFA game.


One of the funniest individual posts was back in the 2000s. A poster whose name I can’t recall now (if it helps, he turned out to be a really hard right winger who was very active in the politics category) did one of those posts where different players images are matched up with famous people, characters, etc. that are “lookalikes”. Well, anyway, he did that with a bunch of byu-p players, and their “lookalikes” were all the same image of a douchebag.

Yes, I understand that it was a childish, sophomoric post, but it was laugh-out-loud funny at the time.




That’s it!


Before the 2003 season, I received permission from Coach Meyer to watch practice, even though publicly it was known that practices were closed. I told him I’d watched practice before and write my observations on UF.N as a way to get the fans enthusiastic about the team (which was a concern because fan abandonment was the main reason Mac got canned.)

Meyer approved it, said if anyone asked me about, to say Coach Meyer approved it.

I watched probably 4 practices a week, the whole damn thing, burned up vacation time at work and got to know a few players and staff, including Scalley when he was FS, the strength coach Jason Veltkamp, who gave me inside information, always with the tacit understanding I used judgement on what gets posted and what doesn’t.

You see, some things that happen inside a football team you just don’t talk about. It really is a family deal, emotions can get pretty raw and sometimes spillover, etc. Taken out of context it could be sensational ratings boosters for media, but in reality it was just normal football team stuff.

Anyway, after the win over Cal in 2003, the crowd was really amped up as Alex Smith & the Utes beat Aaron Rodgers’ Golden Bears, and UF.N was really rocking after the game!

Lo and freaking below, a new poster named Urban Meyer showed up on board briefly that night, said Ute fans need to stay excited because more of that was coming. It was only 2 or 3 sentences of cheerleading, public directives about telling other people the Utes are back, etc. The wording was a dead ringer for how Meyer talked.

“Wow!” I thought.

Next Monday at practice I had a chance to talk with the strength coach Veltkamp about that post. (Everyone was bought in on getting alternative media to help get the fan base excited, I think a number of staff and not-crazy-busy coaches lurked, though they all had strict rules not to participate. Even Whitt’s wife lurked, I later found out, as KW asked me one day if I’m “Ma’ake”.)

Back to Veltkamp:
Me: “Do you think that was Coach?”

JV: “It sure sounded exactly like him, but we’re not supposed to be on there, so I’m not saying anything!”

Later I was able to corner Meyer after all the reporters had gone, and I asked if he’d been on the board. “That wasn’t me.” End of discussion. But I had a strong sense I just got a BS answer… which was fine, it wasn’t a pivotal issue.

To this day I remain convinced Meyer jumped on UF.N after that game, was in full fan development mode. The phraseology and the drive were just too much like how he was all the time at practice.


Sadly, I fear that those archives were lost in the switch to the new format, although if someone can find that Hod Sanders post somewhere where he talks about visiting Lavell Edwards stadium, that would be greeeeeat.


I’m pretty sure it was him that did my favorite of those. BYU basketball had some kid on the team that had sort of a, shall we say, Neanderthal look to him. At the same time the Geico ads featured the Cavemen. I can’t remember the BYU player’s name, but he put up his head shot photo and said, “[Name] will be having the roast duck and mango salsa.” I laughed my butt off, but my BYU grad boss didn’t see any humor in it when I showed him.


JDart’s U hair? John VA’s giant tv? Mr. C being a general loose canon? The LOOBS? The group watching of Harry Potter because Wyoming Wyoming’d? Bill Marcroft pulling his pants all the way down to pee? Trolling Gordo Monson with a fake recruit?

Wow, I thought I was getting in late in 2003. Senioritis was already mostly out the door.

Being on the board for the run up to the Fiesta Bowl selection, and being in the chatroom for PACmas (“We all sleep fine tonight”) were probably my highlights.

RIP Hod, Monkey, and everyone else I am forgetting.


I believe we do have access to the archive somewhere.


Does anyone here remember Y’zGuy? He was a young BYU fan who practically became a mascot here. We all found him to be kind of adorable in a zoobish way.


Was he the guy who said we were “scared” to play byu when we dropped them to have a home and home with Michigan?


I’m pretty sure that last I heard about it, was that it’s still out there, may not be online at the moment, but still available. I’m sure @RockerUte (who has been unusually quiet recently) will comment…