Best restaurants in SLC?

I went to Bambara for my birthday the other week and it was fantastic. Just about every time I’ve been there I’ve been impressed. Solid 8.5/10 in my book.

I haven’t been to Takashi, but I hear good things. They have ridiculously long wait times and unusual hours.

The Copper Onion is wildly overrated IMO. Same with Pallet. Way too much $$$$ for very OK food.

I don’t get the Pretty Bird hype. I do know the owner and worked with him right before he closed Forage. I’ve heard very good things about Forage- sad I couldn’t try it.

I’ve been to Current once and had a terrible experience, but some people think that place is the bee’s knees. I don’t get it.

Valter’s Osteria is on my list of places to try. Red Iguana is meh.

I’m obviously leaving out quite a few…what do ya’ll think?

I’m old.:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Restaurants I tend to frequent are Jim’s (For Greek penance and the Country Fried Steak and Eggs), and El Habanero (to get my Mex Food Jones on, and my Friday night takeout).

On the occasion I am out and about on in the Southeast end of the valley, Bohemian Brewery offers a nice Reuben with garlic fries.


I’ve never been to any of those places.

For Chinese we like Red Maple or Enjoy
For Italian I like Buca di Beppo
I’m okay with about any Mexican place. There isn’t much difference as far as I’m concerned (even Red Iguana)
We also like Jim’s, and Midvale Mining for 'Merican food

(prepared for the inevitable “well, if you like that slop” comments)

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We’re hunting for good Chinese in SLC. A bit spoiled after decades in L.A., where there is lots of fantastic Chinese. Any suggestions?

The ones I mentioned. Red Maple and Enjoy. Red Maple is in West Valley and Enjoy is in West Jordan

David’s Kitchen for Chinese.


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El Hab has the best steak tacos in the state

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Anyone been to Lone Star Taqueria? Amazing. I think it’s been on the food network.

Big Apple Pizzeria? Stanza?

Lone Star is ok but not great. Big Apple is ok as well. Never been to Stanza.

The Mandarin in Bountiful is very good. Its very busy on weekend nights.

I’m a big fan of Porcupine Grill (the one at the mouth of Big Cottonwood canyon). Their chicken noodle soup is fantastic.

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It’s not Chinese food although they have some on the menu but Mi La Cai noodle house on State Street has great Vietnamese food. Order their spring roll, which can be a meal itself.


The Porcupine by the U is :face_vomiting:.

I agree that the chicken noodle soup is good. I’ve had better experiences at that location, but still think the food is mediocre at best. I’ve only been to The Mandarin once, but I thought it was pretty good for Utah Chinese food.

I like Big Apple’s calzones. I usually get burritos at Lone Star.

I have to say every time I’ve been to Current it’s been great.

We like Trio, either location, a lot, too. Have also had good experiences at Cusina Toscana, although it’s been quite a while since we went there.

Of course we also frequent the family businesses, mostly Carlucci’s Bakery for Saturday lunches (it’s my step-daughter’s and named after my mother-in-law) and sometimes Midvale Mining (my brother-in-law’s place).


Trio Cottonwood closed recently

I can offer one to this list.

Bohemian Brewery in Midvale, unless Porcupine owner’s ruined it. It was still really good when we were last in Salt Lake, so I suspect Porcupine still treats it well.

I used to work for the founders, Joe and Helen back in the early to mid 90s when they owned their 1st place. The food quality carried over to Bohemian, it took a bit for their beer to catch up to food quality. But it was our go to place before we moved to the East Coast in 2012.

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Thanks to everyone for the Chinese recommendations. The others are very helpful too. Looks like Midvale Mining should be on our list.

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It’s still good.

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It seems to me that Chinese resturants have been supplanted by Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. When we go out for asian food, it is almost always Thai these days, and there are a lot of great choices.

However, Sampan is still excellent, as is Hong Kong Tea House on w. 2nd south, and the dim sum restaurant on the west side of state, about 1400 south. I have been there when they bring in a bus of Chinese tourists and no English is spoken. A number of others in WVC, around 35th S. and Redwood, and South SL on state st

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I didn’t know that. Too bad. I liked their patio area.