Best restaurants in SLC?

Banzai Teppan Yaki on 5600 West in WVC is good. I enjoy their tangerine chicken, tempuras, and rolls. The tempura shrimp roll with eel sauce hits the spot.

Lots and lots of great Thai in SLC. My two favorites are Chanon Thai and Skewered Thai, with the latter being the best I’ve had here.

There’s a good one in West Jordan called New Thai Cafe

Anyone here like Sushi? I have been to Yellow Fin, Naked Fish (closed), Blue Fish in So. Jordan and Fat Fish in WVC. Still have yet to go to Takashi. Have been to a few sushi burrito places.

Japanese is probably my favorite kind of food.

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Red Basil in West Jordan and Mano Thai on 33rd are also good for Thai.

Antica Sicilia is very good for Italian.

Asian Star is similar to David’s Kitchen for Chinese, Chin Wah is pretty good too.

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I love threads like this. I always find new places to try. Thanks for sharing.

I personally love Mexican food. La Frontera, La Fountain, Lone Star are some places I’ll frequent. Not to mention Del Taco. Yeah, I’m a Mexican food snob. So what

I just tried Bohemian and that was great. I’ve also been told to try KOU Korean BBQ in the old Hooters building. All you can eat and you cook the food on your table. Sounds good to me. I love food.

Not in SLC - Back 40 Ranch House Grille - before you enter Heber has become one of our favorites. Also like Sicilia Mia and and Layla.

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New Dragon Diner on 7800 and 3200 west ( across from maceys). I think very good chinese food.

I was going to mention Sicilia Mia. That and Stanza are the two best Italian places in the city.

Mazza, at 15th and 15th has great authentic Middle Eastern food!. I think the 9th and 9th location has the same menu, and I understand the food is the same high quality, but I’ve never been there.

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Yes, very good. Also worth mentioning is Pago.

We recently discovered Red Maple and really liked it.


I think Red Maple is one of the worst restaurants I’ve ever been to. Had a co-worker who would always choose to go there when it was her turn to pick the team lunch spot. I started skipping the team lunch rather than have to eat there.

The same people are still at Bohemian, the Porcupine/Dodo group just owns it. They are expanding the beer production to use in the other places which is nice.


The BBQ pork and egg roll salad with vermicelli noodles is my guilty pleasure. It’s at Shanghai on 1300 South and State Street.

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I love Shanghai!

Try Nuan’s in Cottonwood Heights for great Thai. Some of the best in SLC, along with Sawaddee but without Sawaddee’s crowds.

I really like Lone Star, best Mexican I’ve found here, even if it can’t compare to the SoCal Mexican. I’ve found that’s the only food I haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement for after moving up.

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How has nobody mentioned The Bayou?

Not so low-carb-friendly, but damn if the gumbo and whatever entree isn’t blissfully tasty.

Not to mention the beer selection you drunkard Utes assuredly enjoy.


I have been to Mazza before and it is pretty decent. I still have not found a really good shawarma since moving from Canada. The Edmonton version is called a Donair and they are amazing. They have shawarma places all over Toronto as well. I am still looking for a really good place here.

Alright here is the definitive list. And go to any of these places and tell them I sent you and they’ll treat you just right:

Italian: Olive Garden - Across the street west of Sugar House Park
Seafood: Red Lobster - Conveniently next to the above Olive Garden
Steak: Sizzler - A little north and esat across the street from Olive Garden
Burger and Fried Chicken: KFC/A&W - This place has it all, really. You can get both a burger and fried chicken in the SAME BAG! Across the street north of Sizzler, which is North and East of Olive Garden.
Mexican: Taco Bell - You are going to feel like you’ve slipped across the border both with the flavor and the immediate diarrhea you’ll get. This is in the same complex as Olive Garden and Red Lobster, just north of them.
Authentic Chinese: Panda Express - Don’t let the “express” or the surly teenagers working there throw you. The orange chicken is other-worldly and also likely to induce diarrhea. In fact, let’s be honest, all of these places will do that in just the right way. It is just west of Olive Garden by Barnes and Noble.
Best Pizza: Well this is a virtual tie among many titans, but I’ve got to give it to Papa Murphys - get the cowboy pizza. Honorable mention to Little Ceasars which has taken the bold move of just abandoning human interaction altogether and giving pizza through a vending machine in the store (which if I’m actually being honest for a minute - for a guy like me is a major plus). Both of those are about a mile east up 2100 S from Olive Garden.
Best overall: Chevron - Now if you are looking for a place that simply has everything anyone could want - which lets admit is a tough thing to pull off on a menu just right, may I recommend this delightful little secret on the corner of 2100 S and 1300 E. They have food on rollers, eggs in plastic and they do this wonderfully humorous thing with their fountain drinks where the fountain will burp suddenly sending your drink foaming and going over the side of your cup. More of a coffee drinker than a soda drinker? I’m told their coffee is fantastic and you can chose from an assortment of packaged sweeteners and tiny containers of cream artfully scattered across the counter. North of Olive Garden.

Now some locals might try to trick you and tell you to go to places around there like Kimi’s Chop house or the Dodo or Wasatch Brew Pub or the Belgian Waffle place - don’t listen to them those places are awful.