Best Memories of JMHC

Wyoming beats future NBA players Reggie Miller, Pooh Richardson and Jack Haley.

Eric Leckner and Fennis Dembo heh…


I was at the game when Santa Clara beat Arizona in the NCAA’s.


the game after that Temple played Missouri. John Chaney vs Norm Stewart. We could hear John Chaney 10 rows up on the other side of the court.

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I was too. Great game.

whats funny is my friend and I went up the JMHC the night before to watch practices.

WE got to az 's practice and it consisted of dunk contest and players talking on the side of the court.

I was really interesting watching the crowd turn int he 2nd half and almost all were cheering for SC . I remember the game being really fun

the coming out show for Steve Nash. Bad shooting by Damon Stoudamire, Chris “fed ex” Mills, and Khaild Reevers, I believe they all played in the NBA. Ed Stokes as well.

Best game I ever saw there was Gonzaga and Arizona going to double OT in the 2003 tournament. Simply a fantastic game to have been lucky enough to see in person.

Most amazing finish to a Ute game I attended has to be Manny’s miracle. To not have the ball with one second left and still win defied any rational odds.


Remember how Rick Majerus went after Terry Preston instead of Steve Nash?? That wasn’t ideal.

My favorite Ute game was the win over Louisville (with Darrel Griffith, the McCrays, and Derek Smith). Bankowski hitting that shot at the buzzer. Great game.


That game was over the Christmas/New Years holiday as I recall, and I couldn’t come down from Brigham City to see it. A couple of my friends did and they were giddy telling me about it. I remember them telling me that was when Pace Mannion broke out and it was suddenly clear why he was such a top recruit for us.

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I can’t find a box score of that game. But for some reason I think that Vranes didn’t play in that game. I could be wrong, but I know he missed some games that year.

UNLV vs. Utah December 1976. Led by Jeff Judkins, Jeff Jonas, Buster Matheney and Greg Deane the Utes beat No. 5 UNLV 100-96. The Utes and then No. 4 ranked Rebels would meet again in the Sweet 16 and the Rebels would defeat the Utes 88-83. That December game was one of the last I attended before embarking to Spain on an LDS mission.

Looking back, that OOC schedule was great:
@Weber St.
Oregon St.
UNLV (5th)
San Francisco (6th)
Seton Hall
@Utah St.
West Virginia
@ Kentucky(3rd) - first game ever at Rupp Arena and Utes win on a last second shot by
Earl Williams
Weber St.
@ Nevada
Utah St.
Puget Sound

I loved the home and homes every year with Weber and USU. It was fun to go to Ogden and Logan.

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In a stroke of luck I did not appreciate at the time, I was able to attend the Larry Bird versus Magic Johnson NCAA finals game. Unforgettable.

The 1978 game against New Mexico. I’ve never heard the JMHC louder.

The Utah v BYU game in 1988 when the students overpacked the arena and raised hell for 40 minutes was pretty damned loud and raucous.

Those days seem to be lost.

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Students going to games. Hahahahahaha!

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I was at the game against New Mexico in 1999. It was senior day for Andre Miller. Utah was in the top 10, and UNM was in the top 20. Utah played incredible defense and led something like 38-12 at halftime. At one point, it was 71-29. Utah ended up winning by 30. The crowd was raucous. The win clinched the WAC title and an undefeated conference season for the Utes. It was tons of fun.


I remember as a teenager, going to watch the UNLV Rebels in 1990, with Jerry Tarkanian, Stacey Augmon, Larry Johnson, Greg Anthony, etc. We got high-5’s from them coming out of the tunnel for warm-ups. I don’t remember the games well, just being star struck.

While it was a Utah loss, one great memory for me was New Year’s Eve 1996 when Tim Duncan and Wake Forest visited the Hunty against Keith Van Horn and the Utes. Great atmosphere in a game featuring 2 seniors who would be the first two picks in next summer’s draft.

Unthinkable today that the top 2 draft picks would be seniors.


My favorite was watching Dayton beat Oklahoma in the NCAA second round. All the talk was about Wayman Tisdale but 6’4” Roosevelt Chapman scored 41 point (Most from inside over Tisdale) and won the game. I’ve never seen a more dominant performance by one player.

Also loved the AZ Gonzaga game that has already been mentioned and the Manny miracle. My brothers and I began walking up the stairs when my dad said we don’t leave early. We were glad we didn’t leave.