Best ever Utah Football Team?

(The season hasnt played out yet, but based on up to post game UW)

We know the candidates.
Right now, based on SOS, I rank them

2019, because Utes consistently win against PAC12

2004, because Alex Smith is still the greatest QB to play at Utah, and the team’s dominating victories.

2008, undefeated but pulling out squeakers. Team got better as the season progressed and seemed to peak in Sugar Bowl, which was arguably the greatest all time win.

After each team melds, at season’s end I think 2019 beats both teams about 6/10 times.

2019 no question. When your OOC games are your soft spot in the schedule, and your team is winning it’s conference games, only having one loss in the Conference of Cannibals is more impressive than ‘04 or ‘08. Those seasons were special, and they set the trend line for the 2019 team getting the shot it’s getting, but 2019 is a better team.


I find it hard to compare teams over the years. I love how this team comes back from adversity. I think Snoop is a true “leads from the front” kind of player.
Really hope we not only win out, but also meet/exceed expectations on the national stage. Very proud of these young men.
Enjoy the break. Go UTES!

2019 defense = 2004 offense
2019 offense > 2004 defense

Slight edge to 2019 simply because I think the offense is a bit better than that defense was.

I think the overwhelming factor that makes 2019 > 2004 is the culture. Whitt spoke about it yesterday that this team just loves each other and he respects this team immensely.

I don’t know, I still maintain that the 2004 team could have beat anybody in the country, and it’s too bad the landscape at the time didn’t allow us to prove it in a bigger bowl.

2019 team is awesome, and who know what the next month might bring. I’m excited to hear the discussion in our Utes in this first playoff show on Tuesday.


2019 is a special year for us. But 2004 was one of the all time great teams in the history of college football. 2004 wins comfortably. 2008 is in second place, but 2019 has a chance to pass it.


UM, Whit, Mullens, et al. 2004, at least so far has the coaching edge.

For sure, it’s been a pleasure to be a fan all three od these seasons.


How would this year’s team do against that 2004 schedule?

I think this year’s team would do well against that schedule. I mean, we’re talking three of the best seasons in our history - any of them would do well against any of their schedules. Add 1994 to the list as well.

But 2004 is the best team of the 4.

This team would win every game in the 2004 season by 50 points. And any win by fewer than 50 points would have been a disappointment.


Unfair to this year’s team which has played zero Top 25 teams as opposed to the 2008 team that played four (Oregon State, Zoobs, TCU and Alabama) top 25 teams and won. Not to mention with that more difficult schedule you didn’t lose.

I am not sure this year’s team wins all 4 of those games. I know many love the 2004 team but your 2008 team accomplished more.


Of course, we won a national title in 2008. Obviously no team has accomplished more. But the 2004 team beats the 2008 team in a head to head.

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Well, this team beat Northern Illinois by 18 points. Many, if not all, of the teams on the 2004 schedule were better than NIU.

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NIU wasn’t one of our team’s better efforts (especially on defense). Was after the mess at USC this team was motivated to play to their potential.

To this day, I regret the 2004 never had the chance to play another great team. Wished we played Texas or Auburn instead of Pitt in the bowl game.


An asterisk national title. If anyone gets to declare it, I declare use universe champions of all time. Let’s save the championship claim for the CFP.

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I’m going to do this, and 2004-2008 RockerUte would hate me for it… but the honest truth is neither of those teams had the ‘week-in and week-out’ grind of playing in a P5 conference.

I believe our first stringers on both of those teams were equal to any top team of their day and even today - but the depth needed to succeed in a P5 conference was not there. So yes those teams could have won any game on any given day, but I actually do not believe that they could win all of the games every single week.

I find no joy in saying that either.


I would say 2004>2008>2019, right now. There is still time to go in 2019, and a win over Oregon may improve the rating.


Indeed we found out the first few years in the PAC-12 that it was a massively more challenging and more physically demanding schedule than what we had in the MWC.


Don’t bother to compare this season’s start to other completed seasons. At this point in the season 2015 was a great season. Next comparing MWC seasons with Pac 12 seasons is problematic. Goodness, some folks would suggest an undefeated WAC season beats a one loss Pac 10 season back in the day. Until conference champions play each other you have to make wild assumptions about each conference to come up with a substitute for a true champion. Could you imagine HSs naming a champion without a playoff? Or imagine HS administrators simply picking 4 for a playoff with 2 or 3 simply coming from the biggest city in the state? Arrange a playoff for the P5s with every conference champ, do the same for G5s. Then you can have a national champion statement that does not start with ‘I think…’ Too many problems comparing our past with the present.

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The ‘week-in-week-out’ thing is absolutely true. The 2004-2008 Ute King would hate it too, but knowing what we know now, it’s okay to re-evaluate.

2019 Utah would kick the crap out of both of those teams 8 times out of 10. This is a far superior team.