Bad News On Horizon?

Butterball on Twitter is hinting at bad news coming. Butterball seems to be in the know, and OnlyU is confirming there’s something negative that may break. What could it be?

I will need to find a new brand of turkey to smoke?

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OnlyU updated this morning:

Not Whit…potential transfer out. Still not confirmed. Don’t want to add fuel to the rumor mill if not true. Would NOT be devastating but not optimal for sure.

That…doesn’t sound great.

Trying to figure out who that would be that wouldn’t be devastating but not optimal. I think we had the worst possible thing happen with Ty Jordan’s passing. Cam Rising would fit the “not devastating but not optimal” transfer out. Who on the D?

Someone like Enis comes to mind.

Kuithe is leaving.

j/k :slight_smile:

My guess is Covey is retiring.

Given how physically blown up some of our returnees are, wouldn’t be surprised to see one or more retiring.

Yes, a possible Covey retirement would be a key loss.

I think transfer portal anxiety is just going to be part of college football from now on. Not great, but it is what it is.

Sounds like it was Bryan Thompson, our 2nd best WR and only true downfield threat. That’s a huge loss. Doesn’t really make sense either. He was set to be a big part of the pass game with Kuithe and Covey.

yeah 247 has him listed as in the portal as of today.

Do people really think Covey is better than Thompson? No wonder he transferred.

I think @sancho nails it here. Even if the numbers weren’t eye popping, he kept defenses honest with his ability to stretch the field. Thats a bummer.

That sucks. Hopefully the rumors of Dixon returning are true so we can still have some semblance of a downfield threat.

Covey was not better, just different. Covey is a quickster who was willing to run the dirty routes across the middle.

Thompson likes running to cleaner spots on the field, and to run longer routes. Unless you have a QB with a cannon who can drop the pass at 30+ on the dime, His effectiveness as a deep threat is limited.

That said, he came here and balled out for us. Nothing but best wishes as he looks for his next stop. Maybe he makes the show. I will root for his success.

After he is done with football he comes back here and finds a future here locally.


Bryan was really a play maker. Will be missed. Hope wherever life takes him on and off the field he finds success.


The plot thickens…

We also don’t have an Oline that can pass block well enough for those deep routes. We should just focus on the TEs and running game.

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Could be interesting. Bryson Reeves is an LDS-sounding name and La Canada is a hotbed of upscale LDS families. He’s African-American but that doesn’t mean what it once did regarding religious affiliation. He has a BYU offer too? I didn’t see any mention of a mission in that story. 6’3" is great size for a safety, for a high school kid.