Ba Bye…

That wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, IMO. We had achieved marginal superiority over BYU before we split, I don’t see that we wouldn’t continue to have overall success vs them. (Honor code + our brand has gotten far stronger than it was.)

Maybe add Colorado State - they seem to be on the rise. I’d rather have Houston, from Texas, and leave out Baylor & TCU. Maybe keep the NW schools & skip the Kansas schools & Iowa State.

Still glad to be college FB fan and not be shelling out a lot of money as an NFL fan for a non-super team. At least out west we have a whole lot more things to do on weekends. Imagine being in Cincinnati. I’ll stay out west.

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Night games in New Jersey or Maryland.

It’s a long trip to play on the East Coast. The short trip would be to Nebraska.


Guess that’s it then. Glad the Utes went to the Rose Bowl, because I can end my college athletics fandom on a high. It’s been a great ride and I’m glad to have met many of you, but my interest has been waning and this is the final nail. I had a high-minded ideal that this was somehow still about education and making people better, but nah. Honestly disappointed but not surprised. I will have much more free time in my life, less stress and more money saved. Only consideration now is how much to increase my season ticket resale prices because it’s all about the money, baby.


I don’t hate it either, but wouldn’t San Diego State make for a better addition than Iowa State? You know, Southern California recruiting and all. I realize sporting-wise ISU makes more sense.


Yup, greed destroys everything good

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New Jersey and Maryland are downright tropical when it comes to comparing Madison, Minneapolis and Lincoln in November. It’s like comparing SLC to the beaches of Boise.

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Nice job Bama and OC. You’ve ruined it. Enjoy your money. OC, enjoy visiting ■■■■■■■■ backwaters in failed states on your long ■■■ roadtrips. You deserve it.


What sense does adding UCLA and USC make while keeping Purdue and Nortwestern?


When the interlocking U stopped it went to hell.


Weirdly, recruiting hot spots though. Also, games are no longer on Pac 12 network or late at night.

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Ok, there are rumors they may take up to 4 more teams from the West.

The rumor is they are looking at Zona-bASUra and Utah-Colorado.


The PAC has protected USC from having to take road trips to cold climates in November. Yeah, they are going to get punched in the face with cold road trips now.


Oregon an Washington have to be next in line for the Big 10.


Lol wow.


If the B10 is looking at two other schools it makes sense that the next two would be UW & Oregon.

That said, the remaining 8 is still a strong group. Obviously these changes are for the worse but who knows what would happen next.

As for the B12, without OU and Texas, they are still below the PAC 10.


I know I’m biased but if that is the case, Utah-Colorado is overall a lot better than U of A & ASU. Of course U of Pay has basketball but nothing else.

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F**king chaos.


I am not saying I have ANY SOURCES. That said, I’ve actually heard that some in the home office knew stuff like this was going to happen after Texas and OU to SEC. Many see with Texas and OU that Colorado and Utah would make a good fit in the SEC. Also, grabbing a couple from ACC to round out a super conference.

Maybe y’all need to get used to going to Gainesville for games.

Just saying.

Real reason SC and UCLA are leaving:


I want that level of high.


This would be acceptable.