Anyone watching the Game?

Go Bulldogs!

I have it on in the background. A real barn burner.

Love to see an upset. Georgia playing with FIRE

I am, the Jazz really need Gobert back. They’re about to lose to Detroit, who’s 8-30 on the year.

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Alabama’s the underdog. Also, thank you Salt Lake for Latu!


I also realize the Utes are playing Washington state now, but I gotta see how much more amazing than Utah these two teams are…

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I agree. Utah will probably play Alabama in the title next season. Alabama only loses a couple players. This is a rebuilding year after losing so many last year.

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Both teams look so fast on defense. Impressive.


Fun to watch. I love college football.
This is it!

Will Anderson should be allowed to go to NFL after his Sophomore year. Glad he can’t.

Trench warfare…

Excellent game. Kudos to both teams.


Good for Georgia finally winning a title after 40 years. 6th team to win a title from the conference since the BCS was created.

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Got a couple colleagues that went there, grew up there, or root for the Bulldogs.
Very physical game. Like to think the Utes would hang…

Maybe but you can kick Florida’s ■■■ and win the conference to prove it in 2023 title game.


Those were obviously the two best teams this year. Kudos to Georgia, as I really thought it would be a repeat of the SEC title game. The Dawgs had one bad week all year, and proved they were the real deal.

All that said, it didn’t make things any more interesting for those outside of SEC country.


If the jerseys had different names that thing has huge ratings. I get it though. I hope we see Utah in LA next year. I have a feeling Alabama will be in the Championship next season.

Also, I still love Nick Saban:


Alabama fan tears as they realize they are done are delicious. WE have seen what happens when Saban gets beat at the end of the season so Bama will be fine.


I literally don’t know any Bama fans who had tears. Most if they are real fans didn’t expect to make the playoffs. This was a rebuilding year and we made the title game. Next year may be a different story because most of the defense and the Heisman winner come back.

Was a hard fought game. Props to both teams.

One of these days maybe we get a Cinderella game.

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