Anyone watching the Game?

While i dont know anyone literally or figuratively, i watched the game as the camera panned around the stadium at Bama fan. It was just like 2008 last night. Its great. the king was knocked down.

The king will be right back . They are good and stacked. As i said Bama will be fine.
I think they are already preseason #1 pick.

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Ah. I honestly missed the post-game crowd shots but that’s understandable. Yeah, when Jameson Williams jacked his knee up I was pretty sure we were done. Losing your two WR options on a rebuilding year is not good for offensive efficiency. Bryce was putting the ball in perfect spots and dudes were dropping it. Latu the kid from SLC area came up big for us but just wasn’t enough.

I’m glad most of the team is back next season.

I turned it on midway through the third quarter - honestly forgot it was on. It was a pretty exciting game to be honest - although I hear the first half was like watching paint dry. Amazing athletes, I’m happy for GA - and their QB story is a fantastic one.

Not really if you like defenses that fly like they are trying to win an F1 race (winning the race is destroying the QB or RB with the Ball).

For those who said Saban and Alabama are just awful people who win at all costs, this tidbit is surprising. I honestly wouldn’t expect them to rule a player who could possibly go out:


Saban has definitely mellowed and this year really showed he had players’ backs. He’s a good dude. Don’t get me wrong - he’s a good villian because everyone is tired of them winning, but he gets the best, gets them to the NFL, has 2/3 deep of that top talent, manages to convince those egos to wait their turn and even if they play one year, they reach their potential. Would I like more parity. Sure. But he is the envy of what a program should be (all aspects, not just on the field) and the money is there to do it.

Do I love him? No. Do I respect him? Yes. There’s something say that he’s had so many head coaches come from his tree that are successful yet up until this year, none could beat him.


Crazy there are 5 National Champion HC that are active and One is Saban and Two are former assistants.

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I never hear of any controversy or deviant behavior when it comes to Saban. He always displays class in interviews and the ways of sportsmanship. He supports his players and treats them as a caretaker and a mentor. From all outwards appearances, Nick Saban is the exact definition of what a coach should be. As great of a coach as he is, he seems to be an even better human. I would expect no less of a mirage from the devil!


Someone handed Nakobe Dean a Bama Championship hat from 2021 after the game. The look on his face when he realizes it is hilarious.


That dude is a beast. He and Cine are HARD hitters. Between those two and Devin some defenses are going to have wood layers on the roster.