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I could not agree more!

I was at a little book store in an old house across West Temple from the ball park this afternoon when I hear about this; The two old 1900 era homes across the street have been purchased and are being torn down to make way for another huge apartment building; the entire neighborhood is changing dramatically.

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I’m really disappointed by that and the woefully corrupt developers.


Really seems odd. The old ballpark neighborhood had character thanks to the ballpark.


There’s been a ball park in that location for almost 100 years, my father talked about going there as a small boy in the late 30’s on the first Saturday after he moved from Milford to Salt Lake. He thought he was seeing the bigtime.

A friend’s grandfather took a bunch of us neighborhood kids from the avenues to occasional games in the early 60’s when Major League teams played exhibition games there.

I worked with a man named Kenny Lloyd in the motion picture distribution business in the mid 70’s who played for a team there in the 30’s when he was young. He was in his early seventies
at the time and still went to ball games there regularly, and took anyone who would go with him for an afternoon, a beer and a hot dog.

With all the trouble the “ballpark neighborhood” has been going through the last many years, and the ever changing population and architectural dynamics of the neighborhood, it’s like adding insult to injury to move team now.


Well that sucks the big one. Still remember going to Gulls games when it was Derks Field. Got to ride the “River” to 13th South and getting out at Derks. Brother was running promotions for the Gulls back then who sold bottles of water from the flood back then.

Good times.


Bring on the Daybreak Drones!

This move sucks.


Haven’t lived in Utah for many years, where (or what)is Daybreak ?

Daybreak is a planned community in the far southwest part of the valley with a good chunk of property and development owned by the Miller family.

While he never got to the WS, let alone won a WS championship Ryne Sandberg is one of my favorites. Helps that he played, mostly, for the loveable losers that are the Cubs. He was an all time great.


This is what happens when you have a bunch of greedy municipalities work in their own self interest instead of the betterment of the entire region. Pretty much guaranteed that South Jordan offered up some sweet tax incentives to attract the team. Just like Sandy poached the Hale Center, it’s a shell game involving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars and yet another reason that the whole of Salt Lake County is pretty much a ■■■■■■■■ now.


An interesting article in the trib today about the old ballpark… The exhibition described in the beginning may be one of those that I remember attending as a young kid.

Doubtful in this case, the Millers are paying for the stadium. I think their desire to own everything about the franchise drove this.

I do think they underestimated how important location is. The backlash to this move has been far greater than they likely anticipated. With a Tribune poll indicating 58% of people said they’ll be less likely to attend a game in the new stadium.


I have to admit that I have not attended a Bees game for several years although I enter each summer telling my wife that we need to go watch a couple of games. We are usually in San Diego most of April and May and go to a few Padres games (boo Dodgers). I am however very disappointed that the Bees are moving south. I was fortunate to play in several games at the old Derk’s Field when I was in high school. I played in a North vs South American Legion All Star game as well. It was a great field and the renovation made it a great place to watch a game.
I will not drive from Park City to East Orange County during rush hour.


A freak of nature.