America's Pastime

I’m lamenting the potential postponement/cancellation of the MLB. As a big Dodgers fan, I thought I’d post this famous clip (the last time LA won the WS). All other Baseball fans on UF.N are encouraged to post their favorite classic moments as well. Besides Yankee fans.

Never been a Dodger fan, but that was one of the greatest moments in the history of the game.

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Fisk waves it fair

I was a senior in HS. Still the best single game I’ve ever watched.

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Too bad the Sox couldn’t close out that series. Pudge is a legend.

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This one always puts a smile on my face.

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I have been eternally grateful he changed his Sox, though.

One thing that I need to comment on with respect to this clip, is how it shows the mastery of Vin Scully in calling a ball game. The difference between him and others is he knew when to shut up and let the scene speak for itself. The anti-Joe Buck, if you will. Watch the end of Game 6 of the 1986 series and you see the same thing.

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No one is better than Scully. I have seen the end of Game 6 of the 86 series. Not my favorite thing to watch. But Scully did call it well.

Oh, I didn’t say I liked the result, but the call is magnificent.

This one is for @LAUte

Baseball used to be America’s past time. Unfortunately it has long since been supplanted by the NFL. A sport professional sportcaster Vin Scully stated publicly about 2-3 years ago, “he will never watch or listen to for the rest of his life”, as it is with myself.

Vin Scully is my all-time favorite sports personality. Growing up in Southern California my first professional sports memory is listening to him announce the Dodgers in the 1959 World Series while I hung out with my best friend and his dad in their garage. On summer evenings over the decades he was always there on the radio when I needed, essentially my entire life. It also probably doesn’t hurt that he looks and sounds a little like my dad. As I got into my late teens if I was feeling down or depressed, when I clicked on the radio and heard him, I would be comforted, happier, instantly. The song linked below describes it to some degree (FYI, performers are from New York).

I don’t have time to go over the 1988 season here (or 1963, or 1965, or Vero Beach, FL or … ).

See, this is not correct, IMHO. Sure, the NFL is the king of sports and is the USA’s favorite sport, but Baseball is still the pastime. It it still the preferred sport for passing time as you wile away the spring, summer and fall. Football has nothing “pastime” about it.


I agree. There’s something completely different about enjoying a baseball game at virtually every level. When my boys moved out of Babe Ruth league, and neither played HS ball, I really missed going over to the Taylorsville diamonds and watching games. I was really looking forward to this spring with my 7 year old grandson starting out in the development age group. His sister made the T-ville girls softball team as a freshman, too. Now, no games to watch. Really sucks.


Watching all these clips reminds me of how much I love baseball. October will not be the same without it. I agree with HoopUte.


I still remember where I was when I saw that home run.

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I do as well, but not for the same reason you remember :slight_smile: