A-Rod now the OC at BYU

I always liked A-Rod, but our offense never flourished under him. Grimes is now the OC at Baylor. Interesting what one can pick up on Facebook. How long was Grimes the OC at BYU? Was he successful?

We already posted about this in the general college football thread. Let’s move this there?

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I think A-Rod will do well at BYU. I wish Travis Wilson would have learned to throw the ball better under A-Rod, but I guess throwing motion is kinda built in before college.

We will not lose to BYU while A-Rod is OC. Scalley vs A-Rod is a huge mismatch in my opinion.

I guess I wouldn’t think to look for info about BYU in the general college football thread, when we have a thread devoted to BYU, our historical but fading rivalry.

I didn’t know we had one…why not move it there then?

I think he means we have a whole BYU/TDS category. Since that’s football dominated, the idea is that it should belong there, not just a general football non-Utah thread that someone has to find and is mixed with all the Alabama and other school talk that don’t have categories.

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Oh, in that case we should consolidate the BYU category into one thread. They don’t deserve a category.

I never liked A-Rod (for his pathetic offense). I truly thought he was a huge part of our problem on offense. His play-calling sucked and he didn’t seem to be able to mold the offense around our QB’s strengths and weaknesses. I was SO happy to see him go to the Why.


to be fair wasn’t this during our transition from the MWC to the PAC12? I think AROD was handicapped to some degree because of lack of talent. But when you compare this to Norm Chows productivity with one armed tied behind his back, AROD fell on his face.

Utah’s QBs largely seemed to regress under his coaching. Travis Wilson, Terence Cain, Troy Wiliams come to mind.

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Liking A-Rod doesn’t mean I think he’s an effective OC.

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I thought it was funny how A-Rod kept accepting positions on opponents’ coaching staffs and then turn around and come back to Whittingham a couple weeks afterward.

I’d like to think it was a clever way to get opponents’ playbooks but I don’t think it was.

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if the rumors were true AROD was going through some tough personal issues at the time. I cant blame him for being indecisive.

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I have tried to explain to people how Kyle impacts the offense with his philosophy for winning. I rarely agree with Gordon Monsen, but despite the hyperbole, he pretty much nails what I saw in this article about ARod.

“Whittingham, a great head coach who has always favored defense over offense, was afraid to allow his offensive assistants to hit the throttle hard, considering the worst thing that could happen to any team — namely, the defensive side — was for a quarterback to throw a pick. That was death. And the dark overlord — we use that term at least partially endearingly — stressed to players and coaches alike to avoid putting reward ahead of risk when it came to advancing the ball.
Taking those kinds of chances, putting Utah’s defense in disadvantageous positions, wouldn’t just stir a scolding from the lead guy, it would conjure deep in the bowels of the football offices a reaction from him that included steam off the brow, the spinning around of his head, round and round and round, along with projectile vomiting, and other unspeakable things.”

Wow, thanks for the reminder of what a terrible writer Monson is. That reads like it was produced by an 8th grader.

As for the content, a head coach who doesn’t care about turnovers will not be a head coach for long.


you’ll always hear Whitt say that other than the final score the greatest predictor of an outcome of a game is the turnover margin. that philosophy while not always sexy has paid great dividends for Utah

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That philosophy has also served us well with guys like Majerus too. I’ve noticed that Whit will give the green light to more risky plays when the players and OC have earned it. But count on that leash being reigned in quickly if you blow it.

My recollection of A-Rod is that he was loved by the players, probably a great one on one coach and recruiter - average as OC, ie not P5 caliber. I think he will be serviceable and successful at BYU, so good for them and A-Rod.

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I think an offensive coordinator will mostly look as good as the talent he has and the opposing defense faced. Sometimes play calling is a factor, but mostly it’s execution… which requires talent.

When you get to the P5 level, it’s more like the G-league in the NBA. D-coordinators know what they’re doing, they know how to take away 1st, 2nd & 3rd options.

So, A-Rod will probably look awesome against some teams, and mediocre against others.

That’s the predicament they’re in. 2020 was a dream season for them - easy competition, only one stubbed toe. When they mix in the P5s again, it will get tougher, especially with Wilson & others gone.

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