A-Rod now the OC at BYU

Kyle’s dad once said the ideal offense to compliment Utah’s defense would be the Air Force wishbone / flexbone. Keep it on the ground, grind up clock, etc.

The problem is at the P5 level - like Utah was, at least on defense in the last years of our MWC era - those offenses are easy to negate, with the right prep.

Kyle got a taste of an aerial attack he’d be fine with when Alex Smith was here under Urban. And then we went through the turnstile of OCs in search of replicating that, but an Alex Smith doesn’t come around that often, and the defenses he’d face in the PAC are much more adept than what we faced in '03 & '04.

Ludwig 2.0 is more than capable of having a good-enough offense for us to try to get to the next rung in the ladder, especially now that we’re getting upgraded talent (in the form of four 4 star QBs, even if they’re transfers) and we’re seriously in the hunt for good RBs and (hopefully) will get in the hunt for more TEs (thank you Brandt Kuithe!) and WR talent at Bryon Thompson’s level & above.

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Other than Ludwig’s refusal to not run on 2nd and 10, I think he is the right man to give us a solid offense.