4 Quadrant PAC 24

My completely illogical dream scenario.

UW, WSU, Oregon, OSU, Stanford, CAL


Texas Texh, Ok ST, TCU, Baylor, SMU, Kansas


Ohio St, Michigan, MSU, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin

No love for the Iowa State Cyclones? Smh

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If you are going to dream an impossible scenario, why include UNLV and Texas Tech? Here’s an impossible dream for you to fall asleep to next time:

BigPac West: USC, UCLA, Oregon, Washington, Stanford, Colorado, Utah, ASU (or Cal)
BigPac East: Ohio St, Michigan, Penn State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota (or MSU or IU or Illinois or Purdue)


I mean they are in Iowa…

Texas Tech for recruiting footprint.

Vegas for……Well that stays in Vegas

They are a football school. You want schools that benefit the sport not the metro reach.

I suppose you could lose Baylor and replace with Iowa St.

I’d drop Oregon State or Washington State.

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UNLV has the nice new stadium

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The Rebels averaged 17,499 fans at their six home games in 2017, per the NCAA. They averaged 18,000-some the year before that. Sam Boyd Stadium holds about 35,000. I don’t see them even filling half of the new stadium’s 65,000 even if they moved to the Pac 12.

I was a season ticket holder at Tulane for a few seasons. 3,000 people inside the Superdome. It was cold in there.

Not sure if I agree. NFL stadiums are next level and offer more. USC, UCLA ET al would draw huge fans

18,000 to 65,000 or even 40,000 is a huge jump. I’ve heard many schools boast “moving conferences will show increase in crowd” promises. It usually happens for a few games and then they start losing and it goes back to pre-conference jump. Unless, you are banking on being the Home away from home team.

Vegas is a different animal and I’m not sure I care what the consistency of the fan base is. Opposing teams will visit in droves - good for fan bases. If a team grows out of that - so be it

Then add Hawaii and other tourist town schools.

Hawaii? I don’t think many people will travel to Hawaii for a ball game. Geography matters.

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You missed the point. No one cares about the tourist destinations for away games. They care about teams being competitive and universities bringing more to the table. UNLV does not.

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I get your point. I just disagree with it. As UNLV plays USC ET al they become a better team. It opens a market both for recruiting and tv. In order for teams to rise they just need a good product - it’s on the admin at UNLV to do that but with PAC exposure and that stadium - it’s a layup

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Hmmm. Not sure losing more while being on FS1 or Pac 12 network helps a program.

Every program has gone through losing seasons. Takes a good coach and some recruits to make a school turn from basketball to football (see Utah)