4 Quadrant PAC 24

They have had one 7 win season in the past 20 years. That’s S-E-V-E-N wins. One time in 20 years. I also love Black Jack but that ain’t a reason to invite a team to P5.

They are #125 out of 128 in win percentage this century with 0.28936%

You have clearly never been to Wet Republic…

Lol. Sadly, since my daughter was born in 2009 I have not been to Vegas. Just Reno. Which, oddly… UNR is 55th in win percentage since 2000. Tahoe area is lovely and probably a better school to associate with academics and athletics wise.


None of this adds eyeballs, revenues, or so collaborative arrangements for research. All it does is add mouths to feed and relegates TV to PAC 12 Sunday Midnight Football.

This is me trying to explain to certain cousins why a Vasectomy is the right option for them.

That’s absurd. If you don’t think adding Ohio State and Michigan add eyeballs you don’t watch college football. Additionally it adds the Dallas TV market. Ohio St vs USC would be a giant TV game. It brings in eyeballs and revenues from the Midwest and the South.

Those teams are not walking through that door (Any B1G not named Nebraska)

What’s left out there fills the earlier statement if the PAC tried to balloon up to 24 teams.

I’m going to refer you to the FIRST POST on this thread. I think you are coming from a different angle.

UNLV’s home games in their new stadium will make San Diego State games at the old Jack Murphy Stadium look packed in comparison.

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Tennessee State University is an HBCU in FCS’s Ohio Valley Conference. They use the second stadium as the Tennessee Titans. They average around 25,000. More than UNLV. Honestly, I would prefer adding an HBCU than some G5 team that never was. Imagine Southern University being in FBS. They may not win the game but they would win the halftime show.

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UNLV will have the best pre, halftime, and post game entertainment - period.

SDSU left the Murph last season. They are in a new stadium that seats 35,000 in Mission Valley.

Someone has never been to New Orleans and watched the Southern University Human Jukebox. UNLV doesn’t have anything on them town wise or performance:

Same with Tennessee State:

SC fans on wearesc are coming up with wacky scenarios that are all worthy of surlyhorns. :grinning:

Some great parallels with SC and Texas:

Neither can win their current conference.

Fans of both schools are delusional in thinking their current conference is keeping them from reclaiming their “rightful” place in the CFB firmament.

Both are flush with cash yet do so little with it.

Neither understands how revenue sharing strengthens the conference.

I’m sure there are more.

SC fans don’t seem to understand that were they to leave the PAC12, instead of sharing with Cal, Stanford, WSU and Or St, they’d be sharing (equally) with either Northwestern, Purdue, Rutgers and Illinois, or Vanderbilt, South Carolina and the Mississippi’s.

Their arrogance comes straight out of their ass and it’s laughable.

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@BamaFanNKY you would be correct. Haven’t been to a Deep South HBCU halftime show. I have been to a UNLV halftime show. Laser lights, pyrotechnics, holograms, show girls…

It was like going to a show on the strip. They even cranked it up for the Jazz when they played their games at Thomas and Mack.

Yeah, HBCU is a different level. No need for pyro and holograms. Just pure energy.

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