2024 NCAA tournament

Last 2 final fours the Wolfpack made the final four they won it all. (Ended UCLA’s 6 year title run in the semis in 74, and of course the memorable run ending in Lorenzo Charles’ dunk at the buzzer).

UConn seems unbeatable, but so did Houston in 83.


IMO it could not happen to a more deserving fan base.


In the name of anything that could be considered holy, Ryan Smith needs to give Thurl Bailey a work release so he can go to the Final Four.

He’s been so professional, so good in the broadcasts during this historic Jazz tank-a-thon. A little mercy is in order.

For that matter, I’d pitch in some coin to hear Boler and Thurl go out of character and be real, just for 30 seconds:

Folks, let’s face it, this team bleauxs worse than one of Kim Mulkey’s costumes. Pretty sure Danny Ainge is lining up some ward ball all-stars in case a game gets uncomfortably close here down the stretch. But next year should be better. Hopefully.”


Speaking of the Jazz, how long does Ainge get to rebuild? Five years, ten? Smith and Ainge have been dreadful so far.

If I’m Markanan there’s no way I want to be the cornerstone of a team that is at best 3 years away. He’s too talented.


Jazz are unwatchable right now and they just said Markkanen will sit out the rest of this season.

Lots of different opinions on whether this long-range rebuild will succeed or not, only the future will tell which side is right.


Smith seems to be paying more to rebuild byu than he’s paying to rebuild the Jazz.


Apparently Markennan was pretty unhappy with at least some of the trade-downs, can’t blame him.

I mean, just when Fontecchio gets good, we trade him. He was probably making $17 an hour.

There’s a guy at my work with a sign that epitomizes how anyone who cares about basketball in Utah feels nowaways about the Jazz:

The Utah Jazz - Rebuilding since 1998


I see this take a lot and I’m not sure what you’re seeing. We’re basically in year two where the building more or less goes up from here. We start using cap space and picks to thoughtfully build a contender. I’m not sure why Jazz fans think the Jazz should be good and rebuilt two years after getting rid of Mitchell and Gobert.

As for Markkanan, I’m not sure if he’s part of the rebuild or not. He’s a great player, but the timing of his prime likely does not align perfectly with the rebuild. I think we need to plan on one more lousy year for sure. Will LM want to be part of that? Keeping Lauri speeds up the rebuild, but dealing him may better align assets for the timing of our young roster to peak.

IMO, next year the Jazz are all about building the experience and chemistry of our rookies and then going all in on Cooper Flagg, Cam Boozer, etc.

And now back to your regularly programming.

I hope that NC State wins it. If not them, then Purdue.


I was pulling for Purdue, then that giant dropped an F-bomb on national TV… so it’s gotta be NC State.

Depending on if NC state players drop F-bombs, might have to swing back.

(As if… lol)


I’ll cheer for NC State, mostly for our friends who are alumni. Not to mention how many of the UNC and Duke folks will be grumpy for awhile will be kinda funny.


And, they are future conferencemates of two of our current conferencemates. So that makes us step-conferencemates, I think.

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The real Cinderella is Alabama but I am sure nobody is cheering for Alabama to beat UConn and then the other side of the bracket.

Yeah, Alabama is a #4 seed but this is their first Final 4 and they draw the Champ that looks unbeatable.

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I would cheer for Bama if they were playing Southern Cal. Even in football.


Trust me. If I didn’t have familial ties and upbringing around the Bama program I wouldn’t cheer for them either. lol.

Just did a campus visit for my daughter at Georgetown. Weirdly, now tied with Vanderbilt for where she’s leaning towards (still a Freshman). I’m going to be cheering for bad teams it seems and I am loving every minute of it. I’ve always liked programs that have great academics and struggle to be top in their athletics.


Vanderbilt is a great school. I had a friend from high school get his undergrad there (math), and he loved it.

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My brother did his grad school at Vanderbilt and liked it so much they’ve stayed in Nashville for nearly 20 years.

Cool place.

I live 45 minutes from campus so I would be just fine if she chooses to “Anchor Down” for 4 years at the SEC doormat. @77ute She’s looking at something like mathematics or Econ major but recently has fallen in love with Chemistry. Which means she’s very different than her Mom and I on types of classes that we thrived in. lol


When Virginia, as a one seed, lost to a 16 seed, they went on the next year to win a title. Purdue now has the chance to do the same thing.


I keep seeing these really good players who weren’t hardly recruited as freshmen. Mark Sears of Alabama, Zach Edey, Dalton Knecht of Tennessee, the Indiana State kid with the goggles.