2024 NCAA tournament


$14 bucks to get in the Delta Center today. My interest today is zero. I remember these two days being some of the best days in sports in the past.

I don’t pay nearly as much attention as I used to, but I do still really enjoy the first weekend of March Madness.

My 10-year-old twins filled out brackets for the first time this year, so they’re both ALL IN on the outcome of these games, which will be fun.

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That building is old by SLC standards. I assumed that it would have been decommissioned by now. Do the Jazz still play there?

I have to admit—and maybe this is silly—because of Utah’s lack of participation over the last 19 years, I have lost a lot of interest in the tournament. I may check out some scores, but I just don’t get into it anymore. Pretty sad. I have great memories of watching our Utes not only play in the tournament but win a game or two or three.


I filled out a bracket on ESPN and I will maybe monitor the scores. Going to watch the games…nope.


Y’all are a bunch of fuddy duddies. I bought tickets to both days at the Delta Center and took the day off today. 4 games today for teams I have no rooting interest for, although underdogs will get most of my cheers.

The days when we had this at the Huntsman Center were some great memories. I remember seeing Steve Nash’s 14 seed Santa Clara take down #3 seed Arizona. I also remember watching Jerry Tarkanian’s UNLV team play.

In the Delta center, I watched Godoy Hayward’s Butler Bulldogs take down higher seeds.

Im looking forward to hopefully some great basketball and a couple of memorable upsets.


I watched this game in the media room in the Harold B. Lee Library.
There was a group of young men cheering in that otherwise pin-drop quiet building.

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I cannot get myself to root for Arizona, even though they are conference mates.


I was likewise indifferent about Colorado vs Boise.

Technically, we’re between conference memberships, in hoops. So, I feel zero obligation to root for CU or UA or anyone else.

It’s like watching Air Force vs Sam Houston State, a matchup that faces fierce competition with Youtube, in my miniature part of the universe.

It’s kind of liberating.


at least byu can say the lost to DUQ


BYU just lost. Hillarious!


Two of the BYU homers in my office pool both picked the Zoobs to the final.

Them losing amuses me greatly. :laughing:

Also, Annie Agar for the win (as always).




As I usually do, I go chalk with my brackets because trying to choose a 15 over 2 or 16 over 1 is pretty much luck. And the higher seeds almost always win until you get below 4.

That being said, I chose against byu-provo as I always do. And Dusquene beats TDS handily. :smiley: :smiley:


Anyone watching the games? Is the ball getting stuck in the nets like they are here at the Delta Center? It’s kind of annoying.

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Does anyone else remember the Zoob fan that showed up here the week of the Utah-BYU game and talked smack not only about how BYU would win that game but that they were going to the Elite 8? Wonder where he is.


Early last fall I ran into a Zoob who was trying to convince me that byu-provo was going to go to the CFP because they were 3-0 or something at the time. I laughed as I usually do at those intellectual lightweights.


What a shame for BYU. I have lost some of my distaste for BYU over the past 12 years. I’m sure it will return, but for now my bball dislike is Arizona and football is ASU.


I haven’t lived in Utah for decades, and I still loathe byu-provo. My basketball dislike is Georgetown, but that’s another story. :slight_smile:


Well, both the Ducks and the Buffs did their job.

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Magical? I must’ve missed that.