2024-2025 Recruiting

From an NIL perspective, Deivon is easily the biggest recruit in BB program history, and he seems grounded enough to handle it. Businesses in Utah wiould be competing on air time with commercials if they could have him represent them… the whole reason for O’Bannon’s lawsuit that started all this.

In a very short amount of time he’s become a minor league celebrity. In the postgames, he comes off as a genuinely good, humble kid who loves his teammates. What business wouldn’t like that? His story and presence is trending sharply upward up on NIL.

Other folks and businesses have money. I hate to push all the chips forward on one guy, but we need a spark in several ways… then it could blossom. That’s the nice thing about hoops - quicker buildups, with the right talent.


NIL getting more ridiculous
May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Chas. Wolfe @highmajorscoop Follow Transfer Portal NIL Marketplace: Per a close source, AJ Storr asked Kansas for $1,000,000. The Jayhawks countered with $750,000 take it or leave it offer. Storr left it. 16:55 02Apr24 2.1M Views 265 Reposts 377 Quotes 2,972 Likes 285 Bookmarks w Go Pack Go @jeffgtown fgtown 1d Replying to @highmajorscoop How is this Name, Image or Likeness? It's pay to play. Not what this was supposed to be. 158K'

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So agree with the comment below it. Who knows your name? Not that many. Make it through social or endorsements. What you’re asking for is a ‘salary’, not NIL. I guess they are acting like it’s an ‘appearance fee’.