2024-2025 Recruiting



Ute commit David Katoa


Someone posting on twitter that Smith and Wooster will enter portal. Given what we have seen from other schools, it won’t surprise me if players enter to see what they can get through NIL. I would love to see both stay, especially Smith. If we could keep him and pickup Falsev from USU, that would be perfect. A senior and a guy with 3 years eligibility.

With Carlson graduating, losing Wooster & Smith would be a huge loss. Falslev seems to be avoiding playing for Smith so I would be surprised if he transfers to Utah.

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Falsev was apparently at Utah game last night.

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I’m guessing because there were several ex-Aggies playing and coaching.

He is legendary.

Just read Rollie has entered the portal. Haven’t seen anything official.

Why? If he wants to win, I suppose.

The Twitter crap on Smith and Worster were from a BYU Hack account that tries to look like it’s a real news source.


Cause he’s not starting with Smith here next year.


I thought Smith would run both.

Not sure how you run Rollie at the 2. He’s a career 29% 3 point shooter

And he’s not the better PG


I guess there was some fire with the smoke.

Desnews saying now that Worster is in portal.

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He’s a better, at least different, defender, I think.


Regardless of whether he comes back or not, Deivon set a really high bar.

Five triple doubles in 20 games? I don’t blame Rollie.


Very much would like both to stay but if Deivon returns (he very likely will have a lot of offers) then Worster is looking at playing in a backup role. Of course if Deivon moves on, very possibly Rollie will stay.

Man. How do I try to keep caring anymore?

All the things that made college sports more fun and pure than pro sports is not only going away, but actually becoming 10x worse than pros (with a fraction of the talent).

Unregulated NIL and wide-open transfer portal are basically begging me to not care. Why get invested anymore? No player cares about their team or their school. It’s one-year contracts. Hired guns. No growth. No development. No watching a kids career over 4 (hell, even two) years.

The bad thing for Utah is that we started this new era in a hole, so it’s going to be hard to dig out of it. How can a team improve if the players who have good years are moving on to a bigger payday?

Enjoy Brandon Carlson. He’s likely the last of a dying breed.


Unless Deivon graduates, he’s going to have a rough road to transferring to his 3rd or 4th school.


I’m not sure how to think of the court case that opened the door for Deivon to be eligible. Originally, I thought it allowed him to play, but no more transferring. On second thought, maybe the NCAA just folded and said “OK, transfers are all fine, now. We give up”.

Which would make @FountainOfUte 's point about BC being the last of a breed the truest statement of the year, maybe the decade.