2023 WBB March Madness Thread

Yes, but I was thinking about other P12 teams that played $C. Why do we have such a patsy in our conference? Haha


Lady Utes to the Sweet 16


Top seed Stanford down 9 to Ole Miss at the half.

Boy, that was an ugly game. Credit to Princeton for making it ugly. That said, we had way too many self-inflicted errors. And, I questioned our rebounding effort and fundamentals.

Nonetheless, Sweet 16! Hunty was rocking.


Stanford out. Just the Utes, Colorad9 and fUcla remaining from the conference.


Thanks for the all the posts everybody. I wasn’t able to watch either game live, but did catch up last night on both.

  1. Turnovers. Sheesh, way too many. I thought Gianna in both games was rushing it trying to make something happen that wasn’t there, and just playing too fast. This team wants to be up tempo, but there is a difference between fast and quick as to control.

  2. Pili once again shows out. What a player and fighter. That big girl for Princeton (I think her number was 00) was a physical player and Pili fought her nose to nose. The whole game was physical which leads to that ugliness mentioned above.

  3. Princeton forced their tempo and played physical, but the Utes responded awesome and beat them at their own game.

  4. Teams are definitely going to work hard to take away our three ball shots, but that should hopefully free up drives and Pili down low. We need McQueen and Kneepkens to hit their open 3 balls when they have them. Can’t go 1-12 or whatever it was and get much further in this tournament.

  5. So, we get LSU and the detestable Kim Mulkey. She had great teams at Baylor (mainly due to Griner) and is a great coach, but… she is manifestly terrible in many ways. Anti-mask, anti-LGBQ, and list goes on. It would be a very good thing for the overall benefit of the universe if the Utes can knock her out.

Edited to add: Though I was extremely pumped to see Arizona lose (both men and women), it does suck that USC, WSU, Stanford put up stinkers. That Stanford loss to Ole Miss last night, just wow. Utah played Ole Miss on the road (well neutral court) back in November and came away with a tough win. It looks like, unless UCLA and Colorado can make some noise, this is all on us to protect the PAC-12 reputation.


Was just reading that Stanford had some stomach flu hit some team members the last few days with Brink (their all American) actually missing the Friday game.

Wazzou seemed to have lots of momentum after winning the Vegas Tourney, perhaps cooled off due to the long wait for the Big Dance to start.

I’d venture WSU spent all their energy in the conference tourney and was out of gas.

I know conference tournaments are money things, but I’ll never understand a 3-4 day tournament meaning more than a 5 month season.


So far, no PAC team has beaten a higher seed with 3 of them losing to a lower seed (USC did lose the 8-9 game in OT).

Pretty much the pre-season (where the conference excelled) determines how many teams you get in and what seeding is given.

Yup…a bit disappointing.

FWIW, if I weren’t a Utah fan, I would have rooted for Princeton. The under-sized team’s scrappiness, smart, and effort deserve much credit.

Things brought up by Riley on the radio today…

Princeton took 29 more shots from the field than the Utes. Overall they took 72 shots versus 43 for Utah.

Princeton got more offensive rebounds (20) than defensive rebounds (19j.

Utah only made one 3pt shot all night.

In short, we won a game we could’ve easily lost if the shot fell for Princeton. Credit Pili for playing a tough game against a defensive team.

It doesn’t get any easier with LSU up next. Hopefully our perimeter shooting and three’s start falling.

Low shooting % aside, I was mostly dismayed with the team’s rebounding effort. Princeton just went after it. And, as @LuckyUte pointed-out, we made so many fundamental/decision mistakes like those of Gianna’s – threw away too many passes by forcing it.

Still, win and survive. Time to beat another SEC team.

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One iconic moment of the second half. Tigers had a possession with several misses and offensive boards (and crowd is getting more frustrated with each one.) Finally on yet another rebound, Utah pressured the player to hastily pass it to a teammate caught in the corner who traveled (or perhaps went out of bounds) finally giving the Utes the ball and we were exclaiming to each other “after all that!?!?!”

And another #1 seed goes down. #9 Miami just beat Indiana.


Colorad9 to the Sweet 16


Was just about to post this. Finally, we have an upset by a P12 team.


…just like the MBB has seen happen, too.

It seems we are seeing a lot more parity top to bottom in March Madness.

Ucla-Oklahoma looks to be going right down to the wire.

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Oh, almost forgot, the leading scorer of Miami is Lola Pendante, a Utah transfer. Not sure why she transferred.

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UCLA to the sweet 16