09/11/2021 will be an interesting night

Obviously assuming that Utah/BYU will be a night game. I did a little looking ahead and if the little bros should somehow win that game that will snap the streak at 11 years, 290 days, the longest gap for either team since before World War II.

On the other hand, if Utah wins the game on 09/11 the next chance TDS will have to break the streak will be at 14 years, 287 days.

For those of us who were Utah fans in the dark days of the late 70’s/early 80’s that could only hope to beat BYU only to see that hope dashed, those are some pretty impressive numbers.

I’d like to see us renew our rivalry with Utah State; that 2012 loss is a big stain on Kyle’s record and needs to be covered up by some wins.


I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. We should demand that this game be played at our place since we didn’t get our home game this year.

I’m kidding of course. But this is exactly what the zoobs would be doing if the roles were reversed.


I think it’s more likely that there will be nothing interesting or exciting, it will be yet another 2+ touchdown win that will once again leave us asking why we had to play them over a quality non-conf opponent.


I don’t mind playing them every 3 or 4 years, but I think we should play every other state school as well; so that they can benefit from the revenue, sportsmanship, fidelity and other opportunities to promote Utah’s institutes of higher learning.
That said, I hope we best them once again.


I think playing BYU is much more meaningful than playing USU. It’s a 100 year old rivalry that has produced some of the greatest moments in Utah football history. I love beating them, and I hate losing to them. That’s what college football is all about.

On the other hand, a road trip to Logan is 1000 times better than a road trip to Provo if you are planning to attend.

I do not think we owe USU anything, and I don’t particularly care if we play them.

I would be alright with a 4 year cycle: BYU home/away, USU home away.

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I think we should only play byu at our place.

Yes, that would be big timing them, but I think they, of all schools, deserve it because of their unwarranted arrogance and sense of entitlement over the years. But then, I don’t like them, so…


I’m guessing the state legislature may have something to say about that.

You know who overrides the state legislature? Larry ■■■■■■■ K.

Kyle hates BYU, Urban hates BYU, Wayne Howard hates BYU more than both of them combined. But only Larry K has pulled money out of his own pocket to cancel BYU.


We had been playing USU long before BYU.

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I don’t see why that matters. It’s clear that BYU is the rival.

My parents and in-laws always talked about how the big game, when they were young was the Thanksgiving day matchup with USU. There was a time when BYU was not so competitive and USU was the real rival.


No it isn’t. USU has been more competitive.

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Yeah, and Tulane vs LSU was once a big game too.

USU is nothing to us. The goal is for BYU to become nothing to us as well. The Holy War is still a big deal of a game.



We will win by 22 points…it will pour down rain in the 4th Quarter…and we will have a 10 minute sustained drive ended by the game itself. Their season will end right there, and we will be gearing up to start our run through the PAC 12 gauntlet. #ConferenceOfCannibals



Sancho, I agree that BYU is our current rival, and has been for nearly 50 years. I love the game and think it should be continued yearly if possible. However, there should be a place for USU in our schedule. We have played over a 100 games against them and in-state games are fun and cheap. I hope that we get a play USU in the near future.


Not to reveal my age, but my grandparents lived 1/2 block from the U (behind the Sigma Chi house) and my father and I walked to the Tanksgiving game against USU with Merlin Olsen. We won; there was snow everywhere and I spent most of the game throwing snowballls.


I loved snowball games. It’s a shame we can’t do that anymore. I went to one against …I think UTEP…and two guys seated by us in the SEZ were escorted out by the police. Two days later, one of the two guys was my substitute teacher. I got to tell the whole class about his snowball arrest.

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The zoobs would have the legislature, which is 90% zoob, on their side as well.

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I guess cheap is relative.

They’re certainly not as cheap as they once were. While Utah and BYU seem to match payments basically making the game a wash, I don’t know that that works with USU.

They’re certainly not going to pay the U the same amount to come to Logan as they expect to be paid to come to Salt Lake. And that’s the other difficult part. We have 3 non conference games each year. The only way I could see playing USU would be to not play BYU that year.

If USU was willing to only play at Utah I think it would be easy to put them on the schedule, but wanting a home and home makes that very very hard. (Utah has every other in state school scheduled, but other than BYU they’re all at RES)

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