Zoobs actually trying to get the Rose Bowl cancelled for Covid

Bless their little brother hearts.


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That’s what I would expect. Still disappointing on so many levels.

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There’s one guy that has been doing this for a week. What a waste of time.


That shows their insecurity. You would think if they truly believed that Utah wasn’t a good team, that they would want the game to happen to witness Utah lose by 9.5 points, and be able to revel in Utah fan’s disappointment in the loss.

Instead, they are hoping it gets cancelled because although they won’t admit it, they know Utah is playing strong football right now, and could defeat an Ohio State team that has shown some weakness against Utah’s brand of football.


BYU reminds me of an old unknown comic joke.

UKC - “My spouse is an ugly, ranting mess. I ignore them and go have fun all the time.”

Chuck Barris - “You might want to be inspected to them or they will leave.”

UKC - “If they leave, who is going to actually care?”

It mind over matter.
I don’t mind, because whatever they want to shill about doesn’t matter.

I’m wondering why, after a week, that post wouldn’t be removed for the egregious and mean spiritedness it is.


That’s ironic considering they were covid super spreaders last year where evere they played. Not mention their fanbases lack of care. Oh well trolls gonna troll. What a miserable man, how funny.


I bet he’s the same guy who rented a plane to fly over the stadium with a banner reading “Harline is still open.”


I’m surprised he could afford that based on his gas station attendant salary.


The Navy had to cancel their plans to do a flyover with their jets that night because of that silly banner plane. Should have shot him out of the sky.


If you ever wonder what BYU’s real bowl game was.

And I was embarrassed when a third-party company made a t-shirt about beating Stanford years back. This takes the cake.

Sadly I think it may be the highlight for them of a few long years coming up.


:roll_eyes: Glad we moved beyond the 34-31 stuff, mostly moved beyond. I wonder how much of their fan base remembers the 1st time McBride beat them by that score?

But hey, whatever floats that guy’s boat. Not sure it was worth the cost of a vanity plate, but its not my money.


Could’ve been worse.

Could’ve gotten a tattoo proclaiming BYU the 2021 National Champions, kinda like the guys who got KC Chiefs Super Bowl Champions tattoos BEFORE getting curb-stomped by Tampa Bay.

FWIW, I still remember the overwhelming feelings of joy and relief when we beat them in 1988 in the Rice Bowl. It had been a long dry spell for us prior to that win.

The 34-31 games were the formal announcement it was game on again. :wink:



I certainly hope that’s the dumbest thing I see all day because I shutter to think I could see anything worse.


On Christmas Eve I bumped into a longtime acquaintance who is a historically VERY obnoxious cougar fan.
I couldn’t help myself and said, “Hey, did you guys have a bowl game this year? Where is it?”
(Imagine the response)