Your utah centric transfer portal mega thread

For our first Wtf thing of the day. Dorian singer an utah player. Seems likely.

Lol. Over 700 players in the portal right now. Crazy.


Dunno, he made the exact same post about ASU.

Twitter got me all excited. Anyways hope he comes to utah.

As expected, a lot of Florida players are in the portal. UF will have a huge changeover when it is all said and done.


I don’t follow it closely. Why was it expected?

Well to Florida fans with some access to inside information, we knew back in October there would be a big change in the roster. New coaching staff, new culture, complete rebuild, etc. Not something others would have known.



I know this is Utah centric, but just a quick comment. Florida will be looking way hard for a QB from the portal. Richardson is going pro, and his back up, Kitna, is gone due to things I won’t even repeat. You probably heard about it anyway.

Our best OL, O’Cyrus Torrence, declared for the draft. He was a tansfer from Lousianana. Think about that for a minute. The best OL this year at Florida was a transfer, not from Louisiana State, but Louisiana, who followed Napier to UF. Yeah this roster needs to change.


The recent past - ie, the past 5 years - should allow Utah to be somewhat selective in the portal.

Like “If you’re looking for big NIL money and are positioning yourself for the draft… go play with Caleb. If you want to win championships, get some NIL money and position yourself in the draft, let’s talk.”


Kitna should have the book thrown at him, then the key thrown away once he’s behind bars.

Saw speculation that Richardson would go pro. He seems a little to raw to go pro just yet. Hopefully you guys get what you need. I’d like to see a competitive game in Salt Lake next season.


On the Kitna thing, I agree. Sure, let him have his day in court and have all the facts come out, but, yeah, cya.

I agree on Richardson, but him leaving is not a surprise. I also hope we get what we need, but the game against Oregon Statein a couple of weeks is going to be fugly. Take the Beavers, give the points. I will worry about your team in August.



We will see what the portal provides for next season. I am sure we will not be going hog wild building a “Rent-A-Team” but we will have several kids come here. Given the way Money Parks has stepped up, we will have at least one solid WR on the roster. If Cope can improve his quicks and route running, he could be a great WR. We do need someone with glue pods on the end of their arms for catching kicks and punts.

The kicking game needs lots of help.

The incoming recruiting class looks solid, but not flashy. Some of those kids will develop, though.

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722 entered the portal today. Previous 1 day record was in the 200’s.

It’s a whole new world for recruiting.


Strange world now it seems. Wonder how it will turn out for our Utes.

This is the big fish everyone needs to go after. Kind of bummed we may lose him:

Seems weird that a dude like that transfer from a place like Alabama.


It can be three things. 1) Just wants to do something new. We’ve had dudes leave that were starters that had won a title and (I believe he graduated already) just want something new before the NFL 2) Testing waters for NIL money and seeing if he can get a better deal at Alabama 3) Who know. The old Wild Card.

I honestly thought he’d declare for the draft.

Trey Sanders is also in the portal but he’s had injury after injury and now he’s in a crowded RB Room. He only has 14 carries this year and I think he’s trying to go to CU:

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Transfer portal does not bother me. Unstructured NIL does.


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Money being thrown at CFB players in portal this week is incredible. Have heard upwards of $5M+ for some skill players. It has considerably thinned-out QB class for 2023 NFL Draft.

This is just astonishing. I heard a rumor that Pennix for example is getting a ton of money to stay at UW

Doubt that he’d show up at Utah but he’s available, yet again. Wonder how many bridges he’s burned in, what 4 years?

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