Yesterday’s Pot Roast to become Today’s Stroganoff

The easiest step-over meal ever.

You use the roast, the gravy from the roast, a chopped onion, some portobello mushrooms, and sour cream to make it. Service over boiled egg noodles. A couple of slices of toasted garlic bread is nice, too.

Awesome! We just made short ribs in the instant pot for the first time and it only took an hour and a half after prep. Delicious, fall off the bone meat.

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Gods, that sounds delicious.

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I’ll be over later. Does 6 pm sound good?

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A little trick I just did, use Rhodes self-rising rolls to make pizza crust. It takes a while for them to thaw and rise, but the pizza was pretty damn good! With yeast being in short supply, this was an idea I had and thought I was being clever. Turns out, they actually have official directions. Way easier than making your own dough. My Rhodes Pizza – Rhodes Bake-N-Serv


Better than boboli.

Took a flyer on this at Sam’s Club:


I was not disappointed. Spicy, salty peanuts. The “Japonese style” is delicious.

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That’s great. I’ll try that with the wife when we’re bored and craving pizza (happens often). Thanks for sharing.