WP: "College football is barreling toward a super league, no matter what might be lost"

Analysis by Steven Godfrey
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I made a separate post because honestly, this does look like a Big XII and ACC merger into the Big 1G and SEC is on the horizon over the next 5 years. Using the two conferences as a tryout for the big conference.

Going to be somewhat like the English Football system where
Big10 & SEC are the EPL
Big 12 & ACC are the Championship
American & MWC are League One (that’s the third level over in Britain, strange I know)
Conference USA, MAC, and Sun Belt are League Two

But no automatic promotion for winning the lower leagues

Five years is a long time. Let’s see how Texas and USC feel when Utah and Oregon State and an AAC team make the playoffs and they don’t.

I still think there’s a great shot in 5 years the money isn’t as sexy as it is today and you see Texas and USC either form one conference together or two new conferences with ACC and current P12 teams and the B12 is left barren, just like it was a month ago.

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They renegotiate the terms of the playoff after year one. We’re about to get an all-at-large playoff to ensure that doesn’t happen. The Power 2 aren’t going to let it stand where they don’t get maximum slots.

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The whole thing is a jumbled mess that some just want to make more messy.

Had a certain school NOT WON the MNC in 1984, all of these super conference iterations probably doesn’t happen. That said, at Bo Diddley Tech, we were proud. :wink:



Which is exactly what’s wrong with the system.


They may just position college football to become AAA baseball.


Is it though? I get it. Nobody is thinking the Toronto Argonauts are competing with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Also, I doubt 1984 plays into this at all. Outside of Utah I know not one soul that recognizes that claim. Trust me, the fanbase I am around claim a bunch of fraudulent titles so I know one when I see one.

Prior to the formation of the BCS, conference champions were locked in a specific bowl and often you ended with multiple undefeated teams winning different bowls and had different teams at top of both polls. BYU of course in 1984 was locked into the Holiday Bowl (where they beat a 6-6 Michigan team by a TD). Perhaps BYU if they were free to play a highly ranked team may have won, will never know.

But even without that season, we would eventually have arrived at the current scenario.

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I’m waiting for the Sovereign Wealth Fund to bring together the top 64 teams into a league independent of the NCAA.