Wowza. I think I just realized something

I think on the very last possession of the game, in which they initially came out and took a knee, Cam Rising threw that last pass as a tribute to Aaron Lowe. He totally didn’t have to. However, it made his completion percentage 22-28 instead of 21-27. Ergo, a 78.6% completion percentage instead of the 77.8% completion percentage he would have ended with had he not thrown it. He completed 13-23 passes against Washington State, which is a 56.5% rate. Throwing and completing that final, meaningless pass meant he improved from 56.5 percent to 78.6 percent. He literally improved his completion percentage by 22% (78.6-56.5=22.1). Had he not thrown it, he would have only improved by 21.3 percent. Ergo, he kept him promise to improve by 22% as a tribute to Lowe and Jordan. They must’ve known he needed one more completion to improve by that number, which is why they called a passing play for absolutely no reason. Well, it did put him over 300 yards passing, but other than that…

Pretty sure they threw that pass because USC were being dicks by calling time outs after we already were in victory formation.


^Often a redundant phrase…


When you’re beat, you don’t call time outs. The play call was a reminder to U$C we had called off the dogs. If they still wanted to play, we would be glad to hang another touchdown on them.

They got the message.


But I love the coincidence…22% better.



If Utah takes a knee and USC promptly calls a time out three times, we have to give them back the ball and a chance for an improbable miracle finish. So Utah ran one play to get a first down which essentially iced the game.


Cool, but pure serendipity IMO. That and USC were being pissy by calling the timeout. So, move the ball a bit to settle USC down.


It was also his 22nd completion. Somewhere the numerologists are having a collective heart attack.