Wow. Sparse crowd on TV. Who'd of thunk

:the crowd would thst small given our opponent. Not a great start. Won’t be surprised if they run us out of the gym. Larry has a lot of work with these kids



Yeah thanks grammar police. Posting from my phone. Grammar is anoutnlastnon my list of priorities at the moment.

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FFU is the anti-autocorrect king of UFN. :grin:


Looks like a high school team versus an old man’s team. How long has Haws been there anyway, seems like 10 years.

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Spelling isn’t high up on the list either, evidently.


Nope. Busy watching the game. Posting is secondary

If you guys don’t stop fighting I’m going to make you sing “Love at Home”

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Sorry, dad.

I don’t have any idea, but he sure is an ugly carp.

Down by 8. Not the worst thing ever.

Seems like 20 year! and he had hair when he was a freshman. But then, i’m probably remembering his father :frowning:

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The more bald he gets, he looks like Prince William.