Wow, Norm Macdonald dead at 61

I know his offbeat humor wasn’t for everyone, but some of his stuff was hilarious.

He was one of my very favorite comedians and this is just a tremendous loss. His brand of comedy was right down my alley and I am pretty sad about this one. Sounds like he kept his struggles private and did his best to preserve his dignity until the very end. I can name so many jokes and comments by him that still have me in stitches years later. Rest in peace Norm, you will be greatly missed.


Yeah, he seemed to have great timing and a gift for storytelling type of humor. I’ve heard him a fair amount on Syrius XM and I didn’t realized he also had a blue humor steak.
Kind of reminds me of Demetri Martin if that makes any sense…

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Damn. I smile whenever I think of his moth joke.


Turd Furgeson


His visits to Dennis Miller’s HBO show were the thing of legend.


Right down my alley too. First time I saw him he did this bit, and I was hooked.

“I love sleeping, eh? Don’t you like to sleep? Oh, it’s the best, man. You ever be having a really good dream, and then, uh- right in the middle of the dream you wake up, right in the best part of the dream? And there you are, back in your stinkin’ life again? Man, that’s rough, eh? So then you fall asleep, try to re-dream it? Man, that never works out there. You always end up with some weird mutation of your original dream there, y’know? Well, the other night, I was dreaming, y’know? I was in a pool with Christie Brinkley, and we were approaching each other, me and Christie Brinkley in a pool, and we were just about to touch, and I woke up. So then I fell asleep, tried to re-dream it there. Ended up shooting pool with David Brinkley. That wasn’t very much fun there, I’ll tell you that much.”