World Series

In case anyone cares the Texas Rangers won their first World Series. Don’t know if he’s still here but congratulations to TUF who came so close many years ago. RANGERS!!!

If the Rangers can finally win it all, does this give hope to the Jazz? Probably not :slightly_frowning_face:

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I watched the game last night and enjoyed it. I played back in the day and used to watch a lot of baseball but lost nearly all interest somewhere along the way.

This was my first game with the new rules and I am impressed. The pitch and batter clocks keep the game moving. Bravo! This looks like a huge improvement for casual fans who really don’t want to watch the pitcher walk around adjusting and touching himself everywhere for 5 min between pitches.

What are your impressions of the rules changes?

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I liked them in AAA the past few seasons. It was nice watching the Bees and being able to get home before 11:00 PM on a weeknight game. It made what watching on TV of MLB this season enjoyable, too. I don’t know if I like the tossing pitchers for buzz balls, and no slappy batters. Having some batters who are high contact hitters, ala Rod Carew and Freddie Patek, add a dimension to the game that makes it a more active game. Buzz balls keep power hitters honest.

It is still strange not going to San Berdu and Long Beach in the summer so as to go see the Dodgers and Angels. Definitely a part of my youth I really miss.

Very happy for Bruce Botchy. This absolutely cements his spot at Cooperstown. I STILL can’t believe that the hapless Padres ever let him get away.
Botch is a standup guy, beloved by all here in SD. Great baseball mind!

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I don’t know if he still lives in San Diego, but when he was managing the Padres and then the Giants he lived down the street from my BIL in Poway. According to my BIL, he was a friendly guy.

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