Will be in Vegas for the game tomorrow

Any suggestions of where to watch the game, I am with my daughter who is not yet 21 which rules out some of likely places the game will be on.

There are usually places to sit outside of the sports book like a cafe or restaurant and some of those will have TV’s on as well. Trouble will be getting them to turn on a game in Corvallis. USC Nortre Dame and Florida LSU are on at the same time. Good Luck

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Most large sports books have a lot of tv’s, so at least one should have the Ute game. Although there are also a baseball game, and a couple of NBA games at the time as well.

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Buffalo Wild Wings on Hualapai, She can’t loiter in a casino if under 21


Thanks, this is probably our best bet. She is a huge fan and doesn’t want to miss one play.