Why not give this guy a shot at QB

Four-star quarterback commit Mack Howard explains his decision to join Utah

Amidst several other notable offers, 2023 four-star quarterback Mack Howard felt right at home during his visit to Utah and is excited to join such a talented quarterback room next spring.

Could. Rose was also 4* and has an extra year in the program. Nate was a 4*, so :man_shrugging:. They have to weeks to decide what offense 2.0 looks like. Kind of tough to do as fter 5 weeks with 7 more games to including the 3 hardest ones. But they are probably putting all options on the table.

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Why not? I’m wondering more and more if Rising will be back at all. Even if he does return, he’ll be super rusty (OK, probably still an improvement though over what has been under center so far).

We need to aee if this kid can play.


Isn’t Rose still injured? Haven’t heard one way or the other, that’s why I ask. As for Mack Howard, since the offense looks like a train wreck, why not try him? Yeah the 3 toughest games are coming, but really what does the team have to lose? The defense has to be getting frustrated.

As for Cam, I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll see him play. With the O line looking like the walking wounded, would it be smart for Cam to play?

I don’t have answers, just a suggestion and questions.

:man_shrugging:. Just heard Rose is practicing the last 2 weeks. I have no idea the ‘safe’ recovery from a lacerated organ, but he has 2 more weeks, so I’d think he would get more a nod then Howard. Also, Nate seemed a little hurt (not injured) at the end of the game … not envious at all of the coaches. They have to look at the big board and decide what tue roster looks like, who gets the snaps, and how to prepare for Cal and the rest of the season.

If Cam isn’t playing Cal, he can get the practice squad reps (has Howard been doing that?). That’s it.