Why is this message board dead? We are preseason top 10 and literally 5 posts a day

Where are all the Ute fans?

May and June are always like this.


Welcome to the annual ‘Tain’t Zone…

Just because some are already hyping the fall doesn’t give us sports to watch now.

The NBA finals are trash…
The NHL Finals are better, but still…
Baseball and MLS are both just getting underway…

In short, there ‘Tain’t much of anything going on in sports.


Celtics vs Heat and GSW vs Dallas is a trash playoffs? That’s a very bad take unless you are a Jazz or nothing absolutist.

When you live in the Disneyland of outdoor stuff to do… once we get saturated with outdoor fun, we’ll get serious about the FB season coming up.

Toward the end of July, when it starts getting just a little cooler up high in the mountains, and the Elk and Moose start looking for dates, football comes back to us.

Live in the moment…


If you like the NBA, it may be ok. If you find the NBA to be a flailing mess that really has no fundamentals then it probably isn’t as entertaining.

To me, it looks like LDS Ward Basketball, only with actual athletes.

I watched the Jazz first round bow out and wasn’t surprised with the results.


Ah, so you thought the 1970s and 1980s had more fundamentals than today’s game. Interesting take.

Dang. Sounds like I should have rented something in Utah instead of Hawaii for the next month.

Its largely a politics/covid board, if you’re into that. Otherwise you kinda have to wait things out. Eventually there’ll be some decent sports talk.

Utehub has less politics but is a victim of numbers. Just not enough posters to keep things going. I don’t know of any other options.

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More places to go in Utah, though Hawaii is always Hawaii, even better in January.

I hear you. I need to get back. We’re making the trip to complete my daughter’s 50 states before the 8th-grade goal. This will be her 50th state visited. I need to get to Bryce and Zion. Neither the wife nor my daughter have been.

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Zion’s is pretty boring - I don’t recommend it to anyone. In fact, I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if people just stayed away from there completely. Dangerous and boring. Plus, literally nothing is in UHD, let alone HD. You can cover everything there is to see in ZNP in about 30 seconds on an iPad - which is HD. Do that instead and save your money. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.


Yard work

I should have had more kids

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I do not care for Hawaii in the winter. The water is too cold and chances of rain multiple days are too high. But if you’re coming from some cold place I get it.

And Maui no ka oi.



Like many Utah fans, I’m deeply uncomfortable with positive preseason predictions. I would honestly prefer it if Utah was being called a dark horse to win the Pac-12, instead of the favorite. I’m trying my best to ignore each positive prediction about Utah.

But even if you aren’t like me, what more is there to say? Once someone posts that Stewart Mandel (for example) ranked Utah #5 in his “early Top 25” there’s only so many ways to say, “great. I think/hope/believe he is right.”

Outside of preseason rankings, when it comes to the offseason, no news is good news.


There is some discussion happening in the various Utah sports Facebook groups and on Twitter. That’s where a lot of people have migrated.

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One of the toxins of major college football is crazy expectations heaped upon teenagers and very young adults, with the following just-plain-dumb criticism if those expectations don’t come to fruition.

We’ve always made fun of the fanbase 40 miles south for building a massive - and entirely irrational - mountain of expectations beginning in April that ends up ruining a lot of things, drives coaches off, players bail out. It’s pure poison inside that program, even if we’re entertained vicariously.

May and June need to be off limits for expectations construction. There’s a whole summer to go through, lay off the kids, we’ll be there when the time is right.


Yes. If you ever get to be there when a winter storm from the north hits Kahului bay… it’s truly humbling + off the charts amazing.

I always like watching NHL hockey playoffs. Nothing else in sports compares to sudden death overtime where a game ending goal can come at any moment. Often will see a shot barely miss at one end, then the goal occurs on the other end a few seconds later.


Hockey is always great. NBA is only great in playoffs. its like they give a half effort during the season.

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the basketball Utes landed a recruit yesterday. Not one post about it. Goddammit someone isn’t doing their jobs!