Why do Universities have their own police?

There are troubling allegations that a former U police office involved in the Lauren McClusky case downloaded to his personal phone sexually explicit photos provided by McClusky in connection with her report to UofU police that she was being blackmailed. At least 1 photo was later shown to another officer. If I were Watkins I would immediately begin efforts to disband the police and contract the services through either SLC or the County. I don’t see any benefit to retaining its own entity.

I could not agree more! The University should be funding and developing education, not law enforcement. Stick with your core strengths, and let external experts deal with services for which you are not equipped.

This whole Lauren McCluskey situation is a tragedy, that should never have occurred, and in my opinion would never have occurred had she been dealing with competent detectives at the Salt Lake Police department. It is also now a HUGE black eye for the University, and who knows how much worst it will get before it’s over. Did anyone see this last embarrassing revelation coming?

I’d be interested to know what motivations the University ever had for having it’s own police force, and whether those motivations outweigh the enormous costs that will result from this situation.

Anyone have any insight?

I have a couple of relatives who work for the Salt Lake Police Department; I’ll ask if they have any historical knowledge and share it here (if I ever get to spend time with them).

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A mess to be sure. One thing about these latest revelations, which are horrible, is that it seems it all occurred while Dale Brophy was the Chief. No question the department was screwed up under him, but they have made the changes in leadership since. I think the acknowledgment of corrective actions tried to this point is ignored.

The argument for the U Police will be the size of the U, essentially a city with a population of Taylorsville concentrated in a small area. Is that good enough? I don’t know. I would hope things are compared with the norm around the country when making that assessment.

Ok, so there have been corrective actions; at least in the form of changing the chief, and hopefully the culture. But what of preventative actions to keep things like the photos, let alone Lauren McClusky’s death from happening again? Have we heard anything beyond the change of chief? Not being in state anymore means I don’t get details except thru here (normally).

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There were something like 68 corrective actions identified by the panel that reviewed the case and all have been implemented. That included a lot of procedure stuff, organization, training, emergency call boxes on campus, etc.

Ok, thank you for the heads up. It’s good to know that they’re at least making changes that should help prevent many problems.

Even with changes, I think the U should contract with SLC or Salt Lake County. If crimes occur on campus they rely on the prosecutors and courts in SLC. It just makes more sense.

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This latest revelation made my stomach turn. You guys know me when it comes to a lot of the stuff police do I am a defender, but this one seems a clear and obvious violation of public trust - and the officer who was shown the images should have reported it immediately.

I know we don’t have all the facts on this right now, but both that action and inaction indicate a vast and systemic problem with the U police department. I’m glad for all of the changes they’ve made but it makes me question if what was done was actually enough. What woman on campus is going to report a crime like that against her now, with the notion that officers may be doing stuff like that?


And this isn’t victim shaming - it is reality and something I tell my kids all the time. Nothing is private and these days it lives forever on the web. Never, ever take a compromising photo of yourself no matter how much you trust that person or how private you think you’ve been. And it doesn’t have to be a nude, it can be anything that you might be ashamed of later.

Poor Lauren, previous to her death, was not only exploited by her ex but she was exploited by the people who should have been there to protect her from that. I don’t know that I’ve fully appreciated her parents. If I were in their situation and with this additional information I would be demanding the whole U police department be burned to the ground.


I think one of our problems is that many people would consider that to be victim shaming. Drives me nuts.

Yes, this is true. I’m not being judgmental of what she did, it is just a common mistake that everyone makes today. Technology feels vast and anonymous and impermanent, but it is anything but.

I tell my kids that I am very grateful that many things of my youth have vaporized into history and decay. I don’t think I am guilty of anything that is that big of a deal, but many cringe-inducing things I am glad are (hopefully) gone. They have no such luxury. Not only that, but we have not gained the wisdom yet in society to recognize the folly of youth, or that people change over time and with greater understanding. We are all too willing to hang someone over a mistake they made 20 years ago, as if it happened today.


This is another reason that all message boards (like ours) should work like snapchat. All posts should auto-delete after a month. No one is putting a lot of thought into these posts, and we’ll all be wrong in embarrassing ways on occasion. Better to just let these old posts disappear.

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It would be nice - although the site gets indexed by the Wayback Machine and other like services, meaning it all lives out of our control into perpetuity.

Happy the old Utefans is in archive right now? Nope…

I don’t know why I’m the only person who seemingly wants this feature in a message board. It should be a built-in standard option.

I can search and find postings I made 30-40 years ago on ‘usenet’ and often think how foolish and naive some of them were. For all I know, someone will read THIS statement in another 30-40 years.

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They are demanding that, just in much nicer terms

Not a subject I want to think about at all, but following up on this topic with the results of the investigation as published in the SLTRIB today.

I don’t actually know what to say… at all :frowning:

Edit - after a few moments of thought:

  • Unconscionable treatment of McCluskey
  • WAAAAYYYY beyond Embarrassment for my University

That individual (they are not deserving of being referred to as an officer) should be barred from ever serving in ANY position in law enforcement. This is a horrible misuse of their position. The public needs to be served and protected, not have their privacy violated in such a manner.


That officer needs to be arrested. I don’t blame the McCluskeys for wanting to burn the whole university to the ground, I’d be the exact same way.


Didn’t that officer get a job with Logan?

Corrective actions? Don’t people have common sense and decency? Personal responsibility? WTF was the ex-chief doing? What were the hiring standards? Oh, right, like many things in our country (e.g., doing basic math, speaking adequate english, getting drivers license), our standards are low.