Who's a better match-up Purdue or Penn State?

Assuming our invite to the Rose Bowl is a fait accompli - and that OSU actually elects the Orange Bowl - if not in the CFP (why, I don’t understand…)
who do we play best against with our team and scemes?

Ohio State. They don’t belong in the playoff. Plus Cam deserves another shot at them.


Lol. I wonder who you think does…

Georgia, Michigan, TCU and Clemson if every game stands. If Clemson loses Utah.

Edit: actually bump TCU. I’d put KState in. In the 4 team format conf champions should matter if you don’t have a true dominant conference at the moment. Last year UGA deserved their at large.

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Boys, back on the thread who’s the best matchup and the Rose Bowl Purdue or Penn State?

I don’t know. I would prefer Ped St just because I would like to beat them more so than Purdue. I don’t know much about their schemes and strengths. Mainly, I just want to get back to our winning ways in bowl games.

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Penn State is who I want in that game. Nothing like knocking off a top 10 team. both teams will test the Defense.

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I want Penn State cuz my cousin played on the Penn State marching band and we love each other and I think it’ll be a fun college game for both families to go through irregardless who wins