Who wants to see some beautiful artisanship?

Mrs CCU is officiating today. Sadly, I’m not, but oh well. Anyway, on of the racers is a former official turned framebuilder. His stuff is MUCH prettier than mine. This isn’t false modesty, he’s really good. I had to really look at some of his photos to verifiy that he was doing fillet brazes, vs using carbon lugs and steel tubes (yes that’s a thing).

Anyway, if for no other reason than to see art work, check out his website and especially his gallery.

Dogwood Cycleworx | Custom Bicycle Frame Builder

That’s very cool.
I had a colleague making bike frames with bamboo as well. He claimed they are structurally as strong as any of the other parameters/materials needed for a frame. But, I don’t have evidence to support that.
They were very beautiful to look at too!

Bamboo is an interesting material. I looked into it, but just can’t really “get” into it. I prefer metals myself.

If you’re in Salt Lake, is your colleague named Greg Steele?

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No it’s but BM me and I will be happy to let you know

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I love handmade steel frames, especially lugged. I’ve always wanted a Rivendell but for some reason Grant Peterson stubbornly refuses to use disc brakes on his bikes. At this point I have no idea why a framebuilder wouldn’t use disc brakes. It would be like a car manufacturer not using power steering or having an option for A/C.

As a builder and a rider I prefer disc brakes. They’re not a perfected form yet, so many rub and that gets everyone worked up. Ask Chris Froome. Overall, the performance gain you get outweighs the extra weight, in my opinion.

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