Who remembers Trent Whiting?

This Loehner thing has all the markings of that saga.

Commitment. Betrayal. Redemption. Mediocrity. Injury and eventual middle age paunch. I saw him a few years ago. He’d really let himself go.

Too many casseroles I reckon.

Only vaguely remember him. Care to give a refresher?

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Player who transferred from Utah under Majors to BYU. His wife said he was at practice so late her casserole would go cold waiting for him. He didn’t turn out to be great, but not bad either.
Back when this place was funny a poster called himself the casserole and used to post about Whiting all the time. That was funny.


Speaking of that. What happened to Mr. casserole? He was hilarious!
Sorry, didn’t see your second post…

Elder Eight Mile


That was Elder 8 mile? Ok, him I remember. The casserole thing, not so much.

No, that was Travis Hansen. Same era though.


Ah, thanks for the further clarification.

My bad. I guess byu-provo players from the last 20 years just aren’t that memorable to me.

Unless their name is Jimmer or they throw sucker punches at our players.


He played a handful of games for the Utes in November and December '99. Abruptly left before the calendar turned to 2000 and transferred to BYU. He was ineligible to play until January 2001, if I recall.

He was a decent player. He helped get BYU to the NCAA Tournament, which was saying something considering they had gone 1-25 four years earlier.

If I recall, Jeff Judkins was a big reason why he left. Judkins recruited him to Utah from Snow JC, but Juddy left Utah for BYU after the '98-'99 season. If memory serves, Judkins helped influence Whiting to leave once he was starting to get his fill of Majerus.

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His excuse for leaving the team was that he had a chronic injury in his legs (like shin splints in his femur), and Majerus’ practices were too hard on him. IIRC, at first the story was he was quitting basketball, but then a month or two later decided to transfer to BYU.
When he started practicing and playing a BYU, there didn’t seem to be any injury anymore.

Which happens to a lot of their players who go on missions and come home after 8 months due to some sort of vague “injury”. As soon as they get home they start practicing right away.

It seems like you’re wishing your idea of failure upon Loehner(a teenager).