Who is the greatest point guard of all time?

I’m going to say that it’s John Stockton and it’s not even close.

I doubt you’ll get too many dissenters about Stockton. Although a very good argument could be made for Magic Johnson.


If my very life depended on a point guard winning a game. I’m choosing Magic. I think he was the best.


Magic seems like an easy choice. Not sure who to go with for #2.

Andre Miller is the Magic of college PGs in the state of Utah. There’s him and then an argument for #2. I’m counting Dame as a SG, of course.

Magic and Oscar Robertson.

Who was that zoob that said he was better than Andre?

“Who was that zoob that said he was better than Andre?”

It was probably this guy. He certainly does not lack confidence. :joy:

Stockton was the best playmaking PG. Magic was just a freak of nature.


Gary Payton, arguably the best defender in the Hall of Fame, has this to say about John Stockton

(Gary Payton says John Stockton was harder to guard than Michael Jordan - YouTube)

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I’d have to go with Magic. I think Isaiah Thomas is in the top 3-5 convo even though I hate him. It’s fair to put Stockton at #2. Honestly, if you had to choose between two PGs and one of them was Magic Johnson, would you really pick someone over him?

Magic, Lebron & MJ are probably givens for 90 percent of the population. The other forward and center are tough. I’m a Bird guy so he’s in for me. The center is really tough. Kareem? Wilt? (arguably one of the greatest athletes of all time), Shaq? (his intimidating presence) throwback to Bill Russell? That’s probably as deep as you can go there.


I was talking specifically about point guards. LeBron and Michael Jordan we’re not point guards

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Yeah I know. I filled out the other 4 positions